Seeking a Meaningful Summer?

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I’ve been scrambling. Hustling. Rushing. Nesting, almost.

All this to get ready for a crazy summer that has only three — THREE!! — available Saturdays. Plus, we’re working and the girls are in camp all summer. That leaves evenings and parts of some weekends to squeeze in a full-blown summer. How did we get here?

It’s a full life, for sure.

You, too, have told me in various ways this past week that your summer is crazy busy as well.

And so, in the middle of the chaos of organizing our household and family life for this life change, there also has been that nagging feeling I get when something big is brewing inside. It was pulling at me and, finally, it solidified and presented itself.

Introducing … 31 Days to a More Meaningful Summer, a FREE e-course.

This will be my first e-course and it will begin July 1 in YOUR inbox. Class participants — you can register below — will receive many of the little secrets I’m using to Stay Awake this summer and to make this a Summer of Awesome.

Through the month of July, I will send course participants an e-mail to their inboxes to read while waking up with a cup of coffee or tea {Monday through Friday} that will inspire meaningful, summer days. Emails will be short and sweet — and offer easy-to-do activities, recipes, simple celebrations and inspiration to help you reclaim your summer just as we’re trying to reclaim ours. Friday emails will offer enough inspiration to last you through a fun, relaxed weekend.

By meaningful days, I do not mean a long day full of activities, amusement parks, day trips or field trips. By days, I mean, MOMENTS. As in, sacred moments. As in, we’re busy doing things all day but at the end of the day — perhaps you work all day or rush all day as I do — we’ll bring it all back in, center ourselves and connect as a family so that we can have a Happy, Carefree Summer. So we can have a Sensational Summer.

This happy, fun FREE e-course is for you if:

  • You aren’t able to get away this summer for a vacation but still need a re-charge and to feel renewed.
  • You work full-time and don’t have another minute to give.
  • You think your summer is already too full, too busy and you CANNOT possibly fit another thing in already …  this course is going to help you Slow. The. Heck. Down.
  • You seek inspiration to appreciate, notice, connect, find meaning in your days, find your center.
  • You want your whole family to live an Awake Summer, a meaningful summer, a happy, carefree summer.
  • You struggle to find the time to rest and just have fun because there’s too much to do.

Here’s what you need to do. Simply sign up below with your email. Share the love by telling your friends and family on Facebook about this course. Spread the word to those people in your life who need to slow down and connect to their families and loved ones. And that’s it.

Simple. Relaxed. Awake.

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It’s that simple.

The result of this FREE e-course?

Easy. You get to the end of summer and think, “Yeah, that was Awesome.”

Registration has ended for Summer of 2012.

20 Responses to Seeking a Meaningful Summer?

  1. I was sure that I registered for your e-course, but didn’t receive anything in my mailbox yesterday. Now I’m wondering if my registration didn’t go through properly. Can I please be added.

  2. Oh, man! I just found this, too! Will you take another late add? I really think I need this!

    • Done! Sadly, there’s only a few more emails left for this summer but I will be turning it into an ebook for next summer. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  3. […] 31 Days to a More Meaningful Summer It’s not too late to sign up for the first FREE Awesomely Awake e-course. It costs you nothing. A free e-mail will be delivered to you during the weeks of July — all helping to remind you to stay awake and live fully this summer. Sign up here. […]

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