Slow it down, Mama.

What’s your hurry?

Do you wake up stressing about everything you have to do?Savoring Slow

Do you wish for more time to relax and play with your family?

Family life is busy, but we don’t have to make it busier.

Introducing “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.”

This eBook is all about inspiring you to intentionally seek out slower moments in your busy day.

The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow is filled with inspiration, ideas, meditations and life challenges to  inspire you to live a more meaningful (and less busy) life.

We can’t get rid of the crazy in your life.

But we can help you enjoy your busy life a whole lot more.

The idea of this book is to “Simplify, Embrace the Chaos and Find an Abundance of Time at Home.”


Why Savoring Slow?

Families today are stretched to the max.

And we’re burning ourselves out on technology.Surviving Motherhood

I gave up the busy life a year ago and have found beauty in no longer chasing after all the things I used to think I needed to do or buy.  I no longer worry if I’m going to be left out of big social events.

Life is too short to worry, in fact.

Now, I raise my daughters to appreciate the slow life, too.

This book is for you if you if you …

  • Find yourself tired of the busyness.
  • Dream of a slower pace but don’t know how to start.
  • Long for a more meaningful family life.
  • Already live a slower life and want more ideas.
  • Need help slowing down at home.
  • Want to help your children slow down, too.

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How the book works:

The book offers tips to starting 12 feel-good habits that you can use to live — and enjoy — a slower, more intentional, family life. Each chapter delves into one Savoring Slow habit so you can work on that habit all month.

There are also two additional chapters designed to get you and your family ready for a slower pace. A slower life doesn’t just happen. Change is hard, especially when we’ve been busy doing the same routines for years.

Each chapter offers a handful of Savoring Slow invitations to get you thinking, journaling or acting on that Savoring Slow habit.

Listen, I get it. You are busy and you don’t know how to stop. But this isn’t about stopping your busy life. It’s about enjoying your busy life.

We can’t afford to keep running at this neck-breaking pace without suffering consequences of burning out and yelling at our kids.

But we also can’t just quit everything and live underground.

If you want a more peaceful home, you have to start to slow down and enjoy the ride — no matter how fast it goes.

What mamas are saying about Savoring Slow

“I couldn’t wait for this book to come out.  I have been enjoying it a lot and have just been taking it slowly.  For once I am not trying to bust through something full steam ahead!  This is one of those books that I just want to keep rereading until it all soaks in.  Thank you for being such an encourager!”

– Denise


THE Meditation and Workbook Kit was created to support your Savoring Slow journey on a much deeper level: This Downloadable Kit includes the following sweet goodies:

savoring slow workbook image

  • A 16-page journaling workbook to use while focusing on the 12 Savoring Slow Habits in the book.
  • A Sheet of Printable Savoring Slow Mantras
  • Four Savoring Slow Audio Meditations
  • Savoring Slow Bonus: How to Savor Slow with Your Camera by Beryl Ayn Young, photo mentor.
  • Savoring Slow Bonus: Start a Savoring Slow Motherhood Journal with printable journal prompts by Jennifer Wilson at Simple Scrapper.
  • SAVORING SUMMER: This kit also comes with the FUN eBook “Lemonade & Fireflies: Inspiration for a Meaningful Summer.” This book is filled with summer fun journaling prompts, ideas and recipes.

You can also get your copy of “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow” on Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle version.

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