{Project 52} Week 5 — Unplug

Project 52 Stay Awake UNPLUG

This is Week 5 of {Project 52} Stay Awake. You are welcome to join in anytime during this year-long mindful living photo project. please upload your photos to our Project 52: Stay Awake Flickr group so we can see what an Awake life means for you. And, if you also use Instagram please use the hashtag #awakeproject13. 

Back in the days before Awesomely Awake, I actually took a great deal of unplugged time.

Now, as this space has grown and I struggle to keep up by only writing and blogging early in the morning and late at night, I admit … unplugging is hard.

But it also sounds dreamy and when I do finally unplug, intentionally, my life suddenly opens up like a blossom.

The world is mine.

I suspect the average person isn’t running an online business coaching parents how to live more mindfully and peacefully through a blog and e-courses.

So when I tell you that to wake up you should unplug, at least now and then — I know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a new challenge. I assume you’re sleeping better. And if you are not, start with that challenge first. And keep at it.

The new challenge is this: Go places without your phone. And by go places I do not mean to the kitchen or the bathroom.

I mean walk outside without your phone. Drive to the store without it. Show your children that the world isn’t so unsafe that we can’t simply go for a little while without our phones. Show them we know how to do something other than use a phone or a computer or a TV.

Note to Self -- Unplug

While we think a lot about wanting to unplug, it really is vital for being an Awake parent — and an Awake human being. So for Project 52: Stay Awake this week — Week 5 — we’re going to UNPLUG.

Unplugging can do wonders for your agitated state. It can bring you closer to those you love. And, unplugging, allows your brain to finally catch up with the information you have been taking in day after day, week after week.

If unplugging seems scary, consider baby steps first and then work your way up to longer periods of time.

For 15 minutes.

For 30 minutes.

For one hour.

For two hours.

For a morning.

For an afternoon.

For an evening.

For a weekend.

For a week.

Do whatever you need to refresh, recharge, slow down and open your eyes.

Do whatever you need to stay awake and not numb yourself on Facebook feeds and the next best Pinterest pin.

Later, when you return to your ordinary powered up life, take a photo that reminds you of that time you spent unplugged.

And, if you must take a photo with your phone during your break, go ahead. But just one and then power it down.

Question of the Day — What is an ideal unplugged day for you? What does it feel like? Where do you spend your time?


7 Responses to {Project 52} Week 5 — Unplug

  1. When I unplug I am able to really ‘listen’ to what my family is saying and needing. I laugh more, I hug more, I read more…I may end up on the couch again, but this time it’s with a great living book, snuggled up with my son!

  2. I have been more conscious of this, this week. Interesting, yet shouldn't be surprising, how one less thing to multitask makes for much less irritability.

  3. I hope to be mindful of the message I send my children about the importance of a phone or computer. I have actually contemplated going back to a landline.

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