{Project 52} Start where you are

{Project 52} Start where you are


This post is Week 2 of Project 52: Stay Awake. To start at the beginning, read the first post.

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. ~ Meister Eckhart

It was right around the 11th hour of being home alone with two crying infants. I was covered in spit up, hadn’t showered or if I did it didn’t seem like it. All I had heard all day was the sound of crying. The occasional base of a stereo outside on our very busy street. Now and then, a yell or a scream from a child passing by would distract my attention.

The world whizzed by and I was left alone, trying to figure it all out.


I wanted to be a part of what was going on out there in the world.

I didn’t want to miss a beat of what was happening right there in front of me — two little miracles breathing and trying to make sense of their new world.

Constantly torn. Standing still in one place but thinking about another.

And yet, at that moment, I realized I was right where I needed and wanted to be.

And I woke up. Awakened.

As we proceed through this year together, remember this: Even if you mess up today or tomorrow, you can always start again, right where you are.

And where you are right now will not be where you end up.

So, for today and any day when the challenges pile up and staying awake seems impossible, just return to where you are. That’s the only place you can ever truly be.

If you dare.

This week, your Project 52: Stay Awake prompt is to START WHERE YOU ARE. Take a photo of where you are right now either physically, or on your journey to Stay Awake. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with a mess, a project or a major life change. Start where you are. Where are you in your journey of parenting? Where are you in your spiritual journey? Wherever you are, find a way to take a photo that represents that very moment in time.

:: Photo Tip from BerylPhoto Tip: Let in light. Cameras need light to take beautiful photos. Capture that beautiful sunrise, observe the light peeking in through the curtains in the morning, point your camera to the sun and make the most of where you are here and now.

:: PLAY ALONG: Remember, if you are participating in Project 52: Stay Awake you can join our Flickr group and upload your photos there. Also, slight change on Instagram. Please use the hashtag #awakeproject2013.

8 Responses to {Project 52} Start where you are

    • Where I am? Trying to have enough energy to enjoy my children when I get home from work every day. This is my new priorty and keeping the TV and other electronic stuff off. We rarely watch TV, but do have a huge collection of kids movies. It’s so tempting to turn on something for the kids while I’m making dinner instead of involving them.

      • I work full-time, too, so I know that it can be a struggle. Perhaps you need to use a very short TV period to ease into your evening. It’s much better than being grouchy and scattered. Or, I often set up a center of sorts to distract my girls as soon as they get home — something I know they will enjoy because it’s new or hasn’t been played in a while like a fun art project or playdoh. You’re tired … perhaps getting more sleep would be a good start, too. Good luck. I hope you participate in this project!!

  1. I am a single mom of 3. They are 7,5, and 6 months . I am worried daily about how I am going to provide a Great life for them. So finding resources to help me keep my mind in a positive place is a daily mission for me I am so grateful for you and this website. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Merynda. I think it’s important to remember that they only really need the basic needs: food, shelter and water and — LOVE from you. The rest … it will work out. Glad you’re here. Hugs to you.

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