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This is Week 3 of Project 52: Stay Awake. You can join in at any point. Start at the beginning and you’ll quickly catch up! 

If you’ve been reading Awesomely Awake for any length of time you know that I wrote a weekly intention every Monday last year. And, I also send out a weekly intention in my Wake Up newsletter.

There are a few kinds of intentions. The Monday Morning intention that sets the tone for you and your week. Daily Intentions are chosen each day because let’s face it some days are easier than others. And Weekend Intentions that help guide you during your weekend.

Monday Morning Intentions: These are the intentions for the week and are aimed at helping us behave the way we wish to behave. I say these kinds of loving-kindness phrases to myself every morning.

May I be at peace
May I be loving
May I be balanced
May I have lots of creative energy.
May I take care of my body.

These kinds of intentions are important because what you choose to focus on will most likely unfold exactly that way — so watch out what you wish for.

Daily intentions: These, to me, are very different than affirmations. I like to wake each day and focus on one area that I can excel or accomplish. Perhaps it’s to revise one chapter of my novel. Perhaps it’s to just play with my kids. Sometimes, it’s just stay quiet all day. Actually, that’s often my intention. This is also when I plan my best activities for the girls to learn and play, which helps us all be a little more creative each day. Some daily intentions I use often are BE QUIET, LISTEN MORE, WRITE, PLAY WITH GIRLS, MEDITATE and BE LOVING.

Weekend Intentions: This is a BIG one for me. We used to have weekends that were so mishap and chaotic, and for good reasons being twins and all. But, truthfully, a lot of it was that I never knew what I wanted in a weekend. And, as a mother, it’s really important to know what I want and what will make me feel good so that I can be both a creative being, a writer and a happy person. I set weekend intentions on Fridays and then the night before I really think about what Saturday and what Sunday need to be for this to be a WONDERFUL weekend. By setting the intentions early enough, it allows for mishaps and chaos so those states do not rule the weekend. Some weekend intentions are REST, BE IN NATURE, SOLITUDE, BE SOCIAL, GET ORGANIZED, ROMANCE, GET OUT OF TOWN, HAVE FUN.

There’s lots of other times to use intentions — such as before meetings, outings with friends, before eating, before going shopping, etc. But these are the ones that use all the time and I find them helpful to being able to accomplish creative endeavors.

Ask yourself right now what it is you need today, this week and this weekend. And then set your intentions, carefully. And, by the way, these are just intentions. You intend to use them but things happen and that’s OK.

My personal intention this week is to be enough.

Here are some intentions to get YOU started!

Be Encouraging

intention yard2

Create Rainbow Moments

Learn to Shift Gears


Just be Kind

Celebrate more

Be Patient

Try something new

Surrender to Yes

Listen more

Embrace Silence

Just Breathe

Let go


Be at peace

Be imperfect

Be creative

Play more

Live more

Notice the beauty

Act silly

Do less

Say yes more

{Project 52: Stay Awake} This week, your challenge is to pick one intention and snap some photos as evidence of what your intention is all about. It might be just a piece of paper with your intention on it — as shown above. It might be actually doing the intention. Have fun with it!

beryl aynPhoto Tip from Beryl: Spaces and Places – Where is the place you go to set your intentions. What about this space makes you feel at peace and ready to take on the day? Show us your space, a special item in that space, or snap a photo of your plan of action list after you’re done writing it down.

21 Responses to {Project 52} Set a Daily Intention

  1. I am loving your Project 52! My intention for this week is to INSANELY diminish my family’s waste stream! I work on this from time to time, but I got utterly reinspired by therubbishdiet.co.uk and http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com/p/tips.html, who are nearly ZERO WASTE (essentially no trash at all!). My whole family is on board. This will be our focused intention for at least a month 😉

  2. Today my intention would be – Be realistic. I am up to my neck with work and they are still coming so I just want to set realistic goals for myself. I tend to panic when things pile up. I need to take a breather once in a while and just one task at a time.

  3. My intention is to be less worried about the kids making a mess. I'm an extreme neat-nick and I particularly can't stand it when the kids play on my bed in my bedroom and mess up the pillows and blankets (my bed is always made each day). My intention is to let go and let live (and play!).

  4. […] about setting intentions for the hour or so I am on my yoga mat. One day I thought that I should set an intention each day. On days I am super tired, my intention is often to be easy on myself, perhaps getting rid of one or […]

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