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Every week for this year, I am offering a mindful challenge designed to get you practicing living a more awakened  life. This is Week 35 of 52 of {Project 52} Stay Awake. You are welcome to join in anytime during this year-long mindful living photo project. Please upload your photos to our Project 52: Stay Awake Flickr group so we can see what an Awake life means for you. 

May you choose JOY during that brief moment when a breeze blows through the windows and you have to stop and just feel it.

May you choose JOY in that moment when your child asks to do your hair and you really don’t want to look like one of the Sesame Street characters, again.

May you choose JOY in that moment when you look hard at yourself and who you’ve become and how far you’ve traveled.

May you choose JOY in that moment when a hot cup of tea steams down your throat, easing everything aching inside.

Every single second of our day offers a choice.


But, life’s troubles and challenges can get in the way of making the choice easy.

It’s nice when we can find a touchstone to remind us, and make choosing joy easier.

That’s why I love MantraBands. I always wear two.

Peace Comes from Within & Live What You Love.

I love these bands. They are beautiful as well as fine quality. But, mostly, they are that gentle reminder I need each day to remember what’s most important in life.


43 Responses to Project 52 | Choose Joy + A giveaway

  1. this would really help. i have a “NOW” clock but it’s broken! HA! these look beautiful and if I don’t win, I’m going to treat myself. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I need to choose joy because some days I get so wrapped in the hustle and bustle, I'm missing THE moments….

  3. I have three kids and I try hard to stay focused on being a happy, present mother-but on those days when everything seems to be going wrong, I would love this for a little visual reminder.

  4. I a a single mom and have struggled for years. Sometimes I get really down and have a hard time dealing with anything. I need help remembering my many blessing and to choose joy.

  5. My word for the year is “Today” and one of my intentions is to chose joy today. I try to remember that even in the sometimes chaotic rush of everyday with 3 little boys, there is joy. I just have to take the time to see it. Thanks for the chance.

  6. find joy has been my intention for AMP ever since I started! It's a reminder to slow down and focus on the little things, on my kids, instead of clearing the table right away.

  7. I need a reminder to choose joy everyday. With work, raising a child, cooking, cleaning and trying to find time for my marriage – life can sometimes feel like a chore. Must choose to see the joy in everyday life or what’s the point, really.

  8. Choose Joy would be the perfect reminder for those challenging moments when I need a reminder to be present in what is happening in the now, not worry about the past or future.

  9. As a psychologist and mom of 2 (9 weeks and 2 years) I often find myself struggling to practice what I preach. Choice is always part of my personal mantras, and joy is a beautiful sentiment to act on.

  10. Wow I would love this bracelet I definitely need to remember to choose joy because aniexty and stress get in the way, this would be a beautiful reminder to remember joy! Thank you Robin

  11. This is a beautiful piece. I have a cloth bracelet that made that I wrote a couple of things I want to work on… like diligence. On night in bed time frustration , K-Love was playing in the background and the song blessings through raindrops came on…. and reminded me…. even those moments are blessings. So I painted on the wall by my girls' door… "it is a BLESSING" I has been a helpful reminder to both my husband and myself! And yes is just painted right on the wall, but I did it in a moment of conviction, and haven't regretted it once!

  12. When I am mindful of HERE and NOW I can see joy in so many things. The little things I might miss when preoccupied with the past or future. This my goal in parenting and in life.

  13. Ever since I returned to working full-time, I find myself overwhelmed by stress. Joy is what I seek and I could really use a reminder that it’s as simple as choosing it.

  14. For the past year and a half, I have been going through a situation that I did not deserve to be put in! I chose joy throughout most of those days…but still need that reminder every once in awhile! :o)

  15. I purchased one of these for my mom and I love it. I need a reminder for myself, i do a lot of internal complaining and it’s a waste of time really.

  16. Our busy life of home schooling and taking care of 5 kids, a husband and a household sometimes overshadows the moments I want to cherish.

  17. I have 2 boys with Aspergers and my hubby is on the spectrum too, all this was discovered in the last 6 months. I also need a band to remind me to breathe!

  18. I always need a reminder to experience and choose the joy in life. Everyday life takes it's toll and I want to experience the joy of watching my son grow up :)

  19. Beautiful! As much as I love the thin string matching mother-daughter “love” bracelets from my little one, they really don’t last very long on the wrist. Good to have a constant reminder that joy is indeed a choice!

  20. Wow, these bracelets are beautiful! I can totally see how wearing them and seeing that message so often would really enhance your day. It's easy to let the frustration in life pile up sometimes, but seeing Choose Joy throughout the day would remind me how much power I have to turn the day around. :)

  21. These are beautiful. As a single mommy who is finishing up my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, things get pretty hectic and the pressure is intense in my daily life. Sometimes I need a reminder to just sit back, take a breath, let it all go, be thankful for my blessings, and soak up the joy-filled moments with my precious little girl.

  22. LOVE. the bracelet. They are so simple yet so powerful! We all need a little reminder to not take life too seriously. I would love to look down everyday and see this very simple message…to help me stay aware of my thoughts, actions.
    and outlook. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  23. I need a reminder because I have alot going on in my life right now….personally and with my mom… I need to remember the joy in life and not just the negatives….

  24. I work in a low income school where daily I see kids being their own parents, little hope to go further then working on the kill floor of a packing house, and gangs being the biggest i pack on these adolescents. It can be very discouraging but what I have found is me finding the joy in and focusing on choosing joy in my life helps guide my students

  25. I recently found a Mantraband to inspire me every day. I’m thinking this Choose Joy one would be a great one to give to my mom, who sometimes needs to be reminded that she is worth it :)

  26. I need a reminder to Choose Joy because so often, in the day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-to-minute busyness, I forget that joy is a choice, that I can Choose Joy, and not let the moments become overwhelmed with the busyness of life. Love this giveaway! Thanks, Shawn!

  27. The past 2 years have been very difficult but I need to remember everyday all the things I have to be thankful for

  28. Need the daily reminder– it's so easy to pick out all the negative first – I need this reminder!

  29. Life can be very stressful and I need the gentle reminder to not sweat the small stuff and to choose joy.

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