{Project 52} Act like a Child

Project 52 Stay Awake Week 15 Act like a Child

This is Week 15 of {Project 52} Stay Awake. You are welcome to join in anytime during this year-long mindful living photo project. please upload your photos to our Project 52: Stay Awake Flickr group so we can see what an Awake life means for you. And, if you also use Instagram please use the hashtag #awakeproject13. You are also welcome to write a blog post in response to any of these prompts and link it below!

Question of the Day: What have you done lately that was child-like? Please share!

They follow their heart.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves.

They only eat what they want and then they are done.

They will happily run and move all day and sit very little.

They wonder.

And wander.

And show real willpower.

They will say what they think, honestly.

They dance, freely … anywhere.

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives by Albert Einstein

They put play first and foremost.

They climb trees … and read in trees.

They write books and poems freely.

They are superheros who save people.

They have superpowers that destroy evil.

They, at the blink of an eye, can be a raging bull, a sweet-eyed puppy and a human being with feelings.

They bring immense joy to every person they meet.

They see magic everywhere, even in places adults cannot.

They live in the present moment with very little thought of yesterday or tomorrow.

They know exactly how to find joy … they follow their heart.

For your Project 52: Stay Awake prompt this week, we want you to Act like a Child. Do one of the wonderful things that your child does. Use this as a good excuse to jump into that ball pit or ride your bike with no hands. Whatever you do, get a self-portrait of yourself doing it!

Question of the Day: What have you done lately that was child-like? Please share!

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  1. I always try to act like a child. My elder one is into LEGO now and I have never played anything like it before… I never made a puzzle when a child either. Soviet kids compensated for the lack of toys with their imagination. So now i feel like a child with this brand new LEGO set. And curious what will come next

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