Perfectly imperfect mornings with kids

Perfectly imperfect mornings with kids

There are days in my past when the kids woke me up out of a deep sleep.

Instantly, I was angry, bitter and full of resentment.

All because I wanted the perfect life.

I wanted a life I didn’t have.

I wanted a life that was just like in the magazines.

Perfect children sleeping in with their perfect pajamas.

Perfect me in my perfect pajamas sleeping in.

But the dream didn’t stop there.

I also want that nice long hour of waking up with a cup of coffee and thoughts to myself and reading the newspaper or a magazine.

So when I quickly realized that mothering little children who rise early — sometimes way too early — made that dream impossible, I was angry and resentful.

What about me, what about my time?

Don’t I deserve to sleep in, to get some peace and quiet?

How is this going to ruin our day?

This whole morning thing with kids, yeah, it’s not easy sometimes.

There’s the drag-them-out-of-bed syndrome.

And the hurry-we’re-gonna-be-late nagging.

There’s you-better-eat-something-or-you’ll-starve lecture.

And the how-in-the-world-could-you-forget-your-coat-when-it’s-29-degrees scream.

Can you tell I get it?

I have plenty of tips, hints, resources and ideas for easier mornings, days and nights for anyone who struggles with this but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about perfectly imperfect mornings.

This is about being tired of being tired.

You know, you’ve screamed, you’ve cried, you’ve laughed and now it’s time to part ways … those mornings?

How do you make those better?


INCREASE YOUR FUN FACTOR — Inject some fun into your mornings.

NOTICE THE BEAUTY — Keep your eyes open for the wonder and abundance in your life. If you aren’t sure how or where or what that is than you need to Become an Abundant Mama with us.

PLAN FOR BETTER DAYS — Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

SET A DAILY INTENTION — No better time than right now to decide what kind of a day you want to have.

Mornings aren’t just mornings. They are how we start our day. And if we’re lucky we get a whole bunch more of them — many of which will be after our children are out of our homes and off on their own.

Oddly, since I let go of the attachment I had on my own mornings my daughters’ finally sleep well. Happily, I get up early to enjoy peace and quiet so that when they are awake, I am peaceful and awake with them.

And if that cannot happen, for whatever reason, then there’s always tomorrow.

And so it is … I’m lucky to enjoy a perfect morning with kids every single day.


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16 Responses to Perfectly imperfect mornings with kids

  1. As always, beautifully said and written! I found that once I let go of my need to control everything our mornings went a little more smoothly.

  2. One thing I do with my kids that helps immensely is making sure I take the time to sing a church song with them and have a family prayer before everyone runs in 10 different directions. It gives us that moment of peace and lets us connect in a positive way before the day really begins, and it makes it so the hugs and kisses afterward are less mechanical and more heartfelt. :-)

  3. Alison says:

    I love the perspective of how it’s not just morning, it’s how we start the day. I always find that on the mornings I’m frazzled because my expected routine is out of whack, or I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that the rest of y day goes pretty south.

    Since the year started, I am slowly beginning to just go with the flow, but starting the morning mindfully. Thank you for the great tips!

  4. Jennifer Mills Rodriguez says:

    Today I lashed out and then when drinking my coffee while the kids ate breakfast, I read this post. Thank you for some real understanding,

  5. Reina says:

    Nice post :) we always read a short story before we go out of the door. Those few minutes sitting and being really together, make our morning, even if the rest was a real disaster, beautiful.

  6. Marie says:

    Very interesting post, I never paid a lot of attention to “I-could-change-my-morning-mood” options but after lots of hectic and very loud mornings, I felt I should give my kids smooth starts before school. How will they live their day away from home if the first 90 minutes are crazy and they are yelled after…so for them, then for me, I tried peace and understanding. After all, we are in charge, they are still children, we should just forget about ourselves and help them start cool :)

  7. Excellent post. Being a mom is amazing and it's also hard – harder than advertised in TV, movies and magazines. It's easy to buy-in into the "perfect" family they paint. But when I stop and look at my daughters – I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world. Imperfections and all. After all, imperfections are what make us interesting, right? I think so.

  8. Hillary Kulia Houseman says:

    So well said, Awesomely Awake! I'm learning….looking forward to another weekend to try again :)

  9. Christina Abao Ramas says:

    Wow! I created a blog and your column relates to mine, how I feel rising way too early. What about mine? my life? READING made me more effective mom. Simply reading the theory and applying it to reality. I like your columns. I'll pin you…:) Keep motivating…

  10. Asha Feldten says:

    I am in and ready to wake up with my eyes finally open and exited fire the wonder and splendor that is my life as Miss Kenadi's Momma

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