The Art of Perfect Mornings (with children)

The Art of Perfect Mornings (with children)

You sneak out of your bedroom, maybe even in the dark.

Tiptoe to the coffee pot or the tea kettle.

Quietly and discreetly get the water flowing and the brewing started.

You sneak open the drawer, grab the spoon, grab your mug of choice and settle in for that first soothing taste of waking up.

And you start to remember what it feels like to be relaxed. And you are teased with feeling nourished for a minute. You start to think about all the things you can do and how you can be productive while also replenishing yourself.

Then it happens.

Pitter-Pat of little footsteps. Rustling sounds of pajamas rubbing against each other. Rattles of the much-loved bears and blankets. Questions. Demands. And the “Can I’s?” start up …

This is mornings in motherhood.

Uncertain yet blissful. Hopeful yet disappointing. Nourishing when it’s not aggravating.

This month, I”m leading you on a new journey of how you face your early mornings called Rise & Shine. Rise & Shine is a 10-Day Challenge to Get More Sleep, Rise Early and Take Care of Yourself Before the World Wakes.

Or at least before YOUR world wakes.

The Art of Perfect Mornings with Children takes work.

And the Art of Perfect Mornings means you are getting up early to take care of YOU before you begin taking care of THEM.

Just like creating a masterpiece. Just like writing a novel. You have to put in long hours of experimentation, trial and error and releasing a whole lot of expectations. It requires rough drafts. Editing and tweaking.

And when you’re there … when you’ve finally accomplished it, you feel amazing — yes, even when the little ones wake up early, too.

beautiful woman reading in bed at home


Some thoughts have already come up about this sample Abundant Mama Project program. Many know the value of rising early but they can’t help think about the challenges.

But here’s what I know for sure.

We are so busy during the day that it’s really hard to fit it all in. But if you are someone who wants to fit it all in then you have to be willing to put in the hard work and Rise & Shine early.

And sometimes the hard work is dealing with children who rise early with you.

And sometimes the hard work is just devoting yourself to waking up at 4 a.m.

And sometimes the hard work is saying today I am going to just release the expectations I have for nourishing myself and I’m going to just sleep.

Family's feet in the bed

Still, you have questions. I know. You’ve emailed them to me.

Can I wake early even if my walls are paper thin?

Paper thin walls and all, children do eventually get used to the fact that you get up early. They will not get used to it if you aren’t consistent with it. So, if you get up early for the first time in a month and they wake up, too, your tendency will be to give up. Do not.

I’ll be on vacation. I should probably not do this challenge then, right?

Once you are an early riser convert you will realize that even on vacation with children that time alone is essential and needed. Vacation, in fact, is the best time to rise early — unless you need a break from that, of course.

I’m afraid my alarm will wake the kids. 

Your fear is what is waking your kids. Put your phone on vibrate and stick it next to you. Eventually, you will not need an alarm.

I’m rising but not shining because my children are awake, too.

Shining has to do with YOUR attitude and your expectations. But there are some creative ways to keep your children living an abundant life while they are awake early, too. And I’m not talking about TV. I’ll show you some tricks I use when my children shuffle out of bed early.

I’m not going to lead you on here.

There will be mornings when you want to do X, Y and Z and you cannot. Children get sick. Partners have to leave early or out of town. Other life dramas get in the way.

But the true Abundant Mama way isn’t going to let these challenges get you down. They will just make you stronger. And more Abundant.

You can Rise & Shine, Mama.

So just hang with me for a while on this one.


Discuss: What are some of your other thoughts, challenges and worries about beginning to wake up early and start your day before the rest of your family?

Rise & Shine! Sign-up for the 10-day Challenge to get more sleep, rise early & take care of yourself before the world wakes

25 Responses to The Art of Perfect Mornings (with children)

  1. Man, you hit the nail on the head in your intro. I have gotten up many mornings trying to be super quiet. Even going to far as to lift up the pant legs on my sweatpants so the little zippers at the end do not tap on the linoleum kitchen floor.

    Thanks for the great advice in this article!
    Daniel Wagner. –P.O.P.

  2. I like this. Having just completed an overseas move, now seems like the perfect time to create new habits. Waking up early to have a chance to focus on myself before I’m overrun by tiny people is on my list. Signing up now!

  3. My husband always tells me to wake up early and get my time to myself. I just love my sleep. Hope this can give me a little push to wake up early.

  4. Very excited to start this journey. I actually was inspired to get up 30 minutes early this morning, ate a bowl of cereal and read a few posts on your blog. It was absolutely wonderful, thank you.

  5. Thank you for this! This is perfect timing for me! I’m on day three of being back to work after a fantastic 12 weeks off this summer. My husband and kids didn’t start back to the routine until today and school doesn’t start for them until next week.

    I LOVE mornings, if I can drag my butt out of bed. I, like Kelly, just love to sleep. It’s nearly my favorite thing to do. Every summer for 9 years I have said that I am going to start getting up early to enjoy some quiet time by myself and each year I’ve done it only twice.

    Hopefully, I can get in the habit these next 10 weeks and on into 9 months, so next summer I can FINALLY do it.

    Can’t wait!

  6. Rising and shining early is how I set the day for myself. It’s not every day, but most. I also enjoy when my girls slip into bed to snuggle with me in the mornings, so I leave room for those as well. But most mornings – 4 to 5 days a week – I get out of bed by 5:15 a.m. so I can have about an hour to myself before my house wakes for the day. My girls are older now – 4 and 7 – so they do sleep until 6:30/7 a.m. The days of the early early wake ups have passed. In those days, I tried to be gentle on myself and accept the days that I had little to no time alone.
    Here’s what I do now and what’s working for me. …
    Check me out at I write about roots and wings and the balance between holding on and letting go, between planning and being.

  7. I just signed up for your 10 day challenge and I’m so excited to give this a try. I’m not a morning person, but waiting until everyone else is asleep to catch up on my work (I just started a blog and I do the books for our small business) is no longer working for me – I’m too exhausted to do do anything but watch TV. I’m also looking forward to your tricks for when your children wake early. No matter how quiet I am, at least one of my children senses that I’m up and they get up too!

    • Yes, my girls have always been early risers. It’s just a part of being a mother but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the days when I can get that quiet time.

  8. I am really excited for this challenge. I feel so much better about my day when I get up early and have time to myself. I’m never able to do it consistently and I can’t imagine getting up at 4am. I hope you will also talk about how to get to bed early enough so that you feel like you get enough rest but also have adult time at night.

  9. Everything you Di, every word you write is such a blessing. I hope you can feel our thankfulness and gratitude for your work. The Lord had used you in so many ways to touch Sooooo many lives through your beautiful, touching, personal writings. Thank you…..and write on sister!!! 😉

  10. Day two and I feel amazing. I truly didn’t think I could do this without wanting to cry of exhaustion. The first morning my son woke up at the same time as me and I was kinda upset until I read the first mornings email that said ‘things will not be perfect’ and I took a deep breath and realized my life is my life and I’ll do the best I can. Day two…I sit in blissful peace with my coffee and my half baked plan for getting everyone more sleep!

  11. Thank you for this challenge! I’ve started rising early over a month ago and look forward to shining with this challenge. It’s been a tough road rising early with a little one still needing to nurse at night but his wake up calls can sometimes help me stay up when the world is still sleeping. I joined your challenge late, is there a way to view the missed posts?


    • Yes, send me an email and I’ll send you a link to all missed posts. You can also find them when you view one of the emails in your browser and click on past issues in top left corner.

  12. Getting up isn’t the problem it’s feeling awake and alert enough to be able to sit and study or read with real focus and intent. I can get up and get into gear and do chores, breakfast & lunches but what I really need and want to do, the studying and reading I can’t figure out how to do.

    • Waking up needs to be your routine then … something with some movement and refreshing smells of citrus. :)

  13. I absolutely LOVE the idea of this series! Even if I haven’t actually started to participate yet 😉 I have been following the “money saving momma” and loving it. I did sign up for your emails but haven’t actually been receiving them. Any idea why?

  14. Another late participant! I eagerly checked my inbox this morning and didn’t see the verification email – did I mention I am typing this in bed while my littles whine from tier bedrooms because Mommy hasn’t gotten them out of bed yet?? I need this!!!

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