Peaceful Steps to Take Each Day

Peaceful Steps to Take Each Day

We’ve all been there.

Feeling at odds with the world around us — the people around us.

Stuck with a challenging situation — maybe a crying newborn, maybe a child in a tantrum, maybe an adult in a tantrum.

We’ve all been there. Rushing around trying to get out the door or in the door or up the stairs or to the next place.

We’ve all been there. Appalled by the impatient person in line at the grocery store while rushing into school or work or your next big thing.

We’ve all been there: Mind over here, over there — when really it should be right here, right in this moment.

Peace begins with me.

Peace comes from within. It’s what I teach my children. It’s what I work on each day for myself. It’s what I guide women through as a family wellness coach.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all took a few minutes each day to decide to choose peace rather than war, hate, anger, distrust, control, being right over being kind.

Peace isn’t a destination.

It’s the way. It’s the journey.

We won’t suddenly have some epiphany that keeps us at peace forevermore. We have to find what gives us peace in our own hearts and use those tools each day.


We can choose peace in our own ways, every single moment of every single day to be at peace, even in the chaos.

So, just how do we do this, how do we find peace?

How do we find it among the chaos in our country? In our hearts? In our homes?

How do we find it among the noise in the car? How do we find it in the piles of laundry and trash and dishes?

It’s entirely up to you.

I don’t have the answers for you to be at peace. But I can guide you through what has worked for me.

Here are Peaceful Steps to Take Each Day:

PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Saying thanks for the teachable moments, thanks for the hard times, thanks for the learning curves, thanks for the blows and blunders is just one way to find peace in your daily life. Rather than dwell, say thanks. Thank you for this moment. I do not know what it means just yet but I know it will turn out just fine.

LOWER EXPECTATIONS: Yeah. I know. It isn’t how you thought it should be. It didn’t turn out right. Things will be all messed up. I know. I get it. Now get over it and find peace.

LOVE HARDER: Forget the tough love. Love yourself. Love your partner. Love your imperfect child. Being kind is so much more peaceful than being right. The days I choose kindness are the days I feel most at peace … and then, oddly, peace falls into place, naturally.

MAKE TIME FOR SOLITUDE: I am a person who needs, needs, needs quiet. It’s why I choose to not watch television. It’s why I decline a lot of social events. I need it like I need water and food and sleep. It’s that essential. Once I figured that out, I became more peaceful in the rest of my life.

ENERGIZE YOURSELF: Yup, bringing back the trusty energy list again. It works like a charm. That’s all I can say. Write one. Keep it close. Guard it with your life. Follow it to a T.

WALK AWAY: When things get tough, walk away — from your child, from your partner, from the computer or the news. When things get loud, walk away. When things get frustrating, walk away. If you can go outside, all the better. Everything is always better outside after a good dose of fresh air.

LET GO: Stop caring so much. Don’t stop caring … just stop caring to the point of overwhelm and anger. Stop trying to gain control of every thing around you. Simply let things go. There you will find peace of the most amazing kind.

BREATHE: Before you do anything — speak, make a decision, share something on Facebook, criticize someone or punish someone — stop and breathe. This is hard to do and I wish I had a 100 percent track record in doing this myself — but 90 percent of the time I do this and it’s the most effective way to be a peaceful human being.

What peace tools can you offer here today? What do you need to do or have to do to stay peaceful inside? Please share.

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26 Responses to Peaceful Steps to Take Each Day

    • Thanks, Michelle!! I owe you a phone call. Been sooo busy. I can’t wait for the little one to be here and we can chat about all things mothering.

    • Love it :) Especially the silence one! If I’m stuck at work or my nerves are so worked up that I am having trouble getting my mind to quiet down I skip over to Free website that offers a guided relaxation with an array of nature scenes and sounds. You can choose a 2, 5 or 10 minute guided relaxation where the guide encourages you to notice your body, your tension, your breath…not judge it…just notice it. Encourages you to be quiet and still. VERY helpful in calming and moving/transitioning from a hectic moment into actual “unplugged” silence. :)

  1. I’m learning all the time to ASK for help – and not to be a martyr. That’s led to a lot of inner peace for me. People aren’t mind-readers, and just because I’m struggling, they might not magically notice. But when you reach out and ask, so many people are willing to make your day just a little easier. And to be willing to accept help, not to be the “Martyr Mom,” is a huge improvement, too.

    Thanks for the reminders to stay peaceful. :)

  2. wonderful article! I agree whole heartedly with all tools. We are finding it really helps to do less. Which sounds simple by is the hardest thing ever. With 3 home schooled kids, we are busy beyond belief (classes, social fun, house renovation, birthday parties, day to day….). For years I have been able to say no to things we DID NOT want to do. But now, I am finding that I need to say no to things that might be great. We have to curate our experiences even more. But we do so much better when we have looooong stretchs of time that are unscheduled. That seems to be where all the magic is.

  3. I find that pursuing things I love and finding ways to share my loves with my son is a way that I can maintain my own life and identity, but also include my son in on my own journey so that it becomes a journey we can both travel. I share my love of music, art, books, dance and writing with my son every day – this is what I do in my life and I want him to be a part of it. I am a single mother and this has been imperative to my inner peace and happiness, which translates also to the happiness and peace of my son, but I think it is important for all parents to find the time for what they love, too. It helps keep you engaged, which means you can be engaged, stimulated, curious, creative and alert with your child too.

  4. Another powerful post, Shawn. The “Let Go” point resonated with me greatly. The last few years have been difficult for me for many reasons and 2011 was a real test. Now though, having come out the other side, nothing fazes me. I used to dwell on every little thing, I was easily upset and I needed to be in control of everything. Now I take everything in my stride. I think I went through that tough year and at the end of it I thought “You know what? I’m still standing. I’m still here. I survived. I’m strong. I’ll be ok and I can survive anything.” Nothing bothers me at all any more. Letting go is not relinquishing control. Letting go is setting yourself free.

    • Hugs to you for surviving it and coming out on the other side do positively!! Letting go of big and little things is essential. Peace to you.

  5. […] Solitude. I suspect that many of us who struggle with staying calm in the chaos also struggle with noise. Some people — extroverts — are happy with a ton of noise. I am not. Silence is often the medicine we need to replenish and rejuvenate ourselves and yet it may be the hardest to make happen. There are many other ways to stay at peace. […]

  6. Thought I’d share, even though this is an older discussion…yet a timeless topic.

    I find peace when I take a moment to zoom out to the cosmos. All human drama becomes at once miraculous and infinitesimally insignificant. Most of our lives are relatively peaceful compared to what goes on outside of our fragile bubble of a planet…7 year old testing my every word? Toddler messing up every little thing I just spent tons of energy tidying? Husband not exactly being a team player? Like you’ve said in your mantra, the day to day is what it is; we can practice “non-attachment and equanimity” (borrowed from Shunruyu zuzuki, I believe) when we simply remember the big picture of our existence. I am captivated in awe, when I can manage to stay present in this mind set. It makes it easier to celebrate humanity in all its forms, let go of the ego, feel gratitude for the miracle of it all, or just witness the unfolding as it is without judgement, “ground” the heart/mind/spirit (by going out to space!), keep a broad perspective present when needed, and simply go to a fascinating place in the mind’s eye to escape for a moment! It’s one of my happy places yet it also strikes fear, yin yang, dark & light, creation born of destruction, violence and immense peace, unanswered mysteries yet so many truths revealed, on and on. Same as our seemingly mundane, yet profoundly significant lives as parents! Wo…Deep stuff, no? :)

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