The Beauty of Adding White Space into Your Everyday Life

The Beauty of Adding White Space into Your Everyday Life

Katrina Kenison has a gift.

The gift to find beauty in the ordinary.

Her writing takes you into her cozy home and makes you feel like you have new eyes to see a world of magic in a pile of dirty dishes or a walk on the fields.

Kenison, author of three books, including The Gift of an Ordinary Day, and I sat down and got cozy to chat on this most recent podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show.

We quickly realized just how much we are alike and while she’s farther along on the parenting journey we shared the same struggles and deep love of motherhood and slow living.

I asked her a lot of questions — including HOW she is so easily able to make family life and errands and chores FEEL magical and extraordinary in her newest book, “Moments of Seeing.”

And the key, she said, began when she began creating margins in her life to make space and time for slowing down.

By adding white space into your everyday life, you are almost able to see with new eyes what has been around you all along.

Slowing down, she said, is the only way to start to see the beauty unfold around us.

We had a beautiful conversation — one of my favorites of all time, to be honest.

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Highlights in this Episode

  • How to start your mornings
  • How to really find the ordinary as extraordinary
  • Creating margins in our days
  • The Mother of NO vs. The Mother of Fun and Joy
  • Choosing Love over Fear
  • Finding Balance in Motherhood and Life
  • Finding the Good

Resources inside this Episode

Katrina’s Website

Buy her Book — Moments of Seeing (all copies are signed!)

My Book — Savoring Slow

Images provided by Katrina Kenison

You are Enough, Mama. Really.


3 Responses to The Beauty of Adding White Space into Your Everyday Life

  1. love this! The word I finally settled on for the new year after reading your email was MAGIC! This is a confirmation of that!

  2. Thank you for this interview – I love Katrina Kenison – SO inspiring. I gave my copy of Moments of Seeing away as a Christmas gift so now I am off to order another. So lovely to hear the conversation between you both, and to hear her wisdom.

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