My Gratitude List

Each week, I’m trying to write a weekend post that shows my gratitude in life as well as what is inspiring what I do in real life and how I think. Most of my posts here are actually inspired by real life scenarios but there are times when a piece of news or another post inspires me to action.

This week, I must start with my gratitude to the amazing souls who have been supporting my new project The Abundant Mama Project. I was so. very. nervous. to launch it — having never really launched anything with such heart behind it. I went to bed anxious. In fact, I woke up restless with a terrible bout of insomnia. So, I went downstairs to take some pain reliever for a terrible headache and to do what I only do when I can’t sleep — watch the Food Network.

I glanced at my inbox while waiting on a commercial.


My inbox was full with lovely Mamas from around the world who believed in The Abundant Mama Project so much they signed up immediately!

This project is by far my most favorite thing I’ve ever done in my life. Because my gratitude journal changed my life and I’m so happy that I can spread this love to others around the world.

But, there are so many other things to be grateful for this week.

::  That most people I know of are safe despite the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, that my own home suffered only minor damage as a result of the torrential rains, that the rebuilding can begin.

:: This idea for a Halfway Night … like halfway to Christmas or halfway to your 7th birthday. Just a refreshing new idea to add to our everyday celebrations.

:: And … I am so making this Love Seasoning very soon.

:: Oh, and how about the fact that I surpassed 4 THOUSAND followers on Pinterest this week!

:: Finally, I’m ever so grateful for these silly human beings that make my days all the more merrier (most of the time.)


4 Responses to My Gratitude List

  1. Thanks for the love seasoning link, made one tonight in a couple of minutes.

    We do the half birthday celebrations and a few times have done a christmas in the summer.

    Good luck with your project, sounds interesting, will need to come back and read more.

    • Thanks, Elsie. So glad you did that project! I like Christmas in the summer idea … I should add that in next year.

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