Mission: Slow Summer Giveaway!

Mission Slow Summer

Mission: Slow Summer —- this giveaway is now closed!!

The last two weeks have literally been a whirlwind for me. So much so, that I had to get out the calendar only to realize I’m in my third week of being self-employed. It’s that wonderful.

All-in-all, it’s been a fantastic start. Of course, I have way more dreams and ideas than I have hours to make happen so I’ll be dripping things out over time … all after summer break, of course.

For now, all of my focus is on our slow summer with our girls who will be on summer break and The Playful Family Adventure, which will only compliment Mission: Slow Summer.

So … in honor of moving from working mom to work-at-home mom, in honor of slow summers and in honor of all of you who have inspired me beyond belief, I’ve asked my lovely friends around the ‘net to contribute to a Slow Summer Giveaway.

Slow Summer Giveaway at Awesomely Awake

Here are the rules. You must enter through our Rafflecopter graphic below. Comments on Facebook and on any blogs will be ineligible for entry. Rafflecopter will randomly select five winners. Selected winners will each win entry into a FREE e-course happening this summer. This contest runs until June 12. The winners will be notified here and by email by the end of the day Friday, June 15.

And, of course, here is a list of the great prizes.


:: One pass into The Playful Family Adventure, a 4-week summer e-camp for parents who want to let go a bit and enjoy life more, hosted by me, here at Awesomely Awake. Begins June 24!

:: One pass into Mothering with heART, an e-course that will show you how to make art with and alongside your children, while at the same time become inspired to dig deeper into your heart and pull out what’s ready to manifest, hosted by Shannon Kinney-Duh. Begins July 8!

:: One pass into Connecting Family through Play, a pay-what-you-wish 30-day e-course full of ideas to play and connect as a family, hosted by Gina and Charlotte over at Creative Playhouse. Begins Aug. 5!

:: One pass into Dream Lab, a 10-day e-course about dreaming big, hosted by my gal pal Mamascout aka Amy Bowers, who is fresh from a month in Paris right now and feeling it. Begins June 21!

:: One pass into A Sense of Place, a summer nature journaling e-course that will guide you through the basics of keeping a seasonal nature journal and show you how to record your observations, perceptions, and feelings about the natural world around you, hosted by Liz at A Natu Enter ral Nester.  Begins June 17!

Winners are …

Cathy — The Playful Family Adventure

Chrissy — Mothering with HeART

Laura — Connecting through play

Christina — Dream Lab

Bunny — Sense of Place — Summer.


Enter your chance to win now!

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46 Responses to Mission: Slow Summer Giveaway!

  1. My favorite slow summer activities are just packing a lunch and discovering a new park around town with the kids!

    • Ohhh and our favourite slow summer activity – setting up the pool in the garden and just going with the flow where play takes us whether it’s splashing, mixing, or last year it was a lot of mud baths

  2. I have to say that watching my daughter embrace the sprinkler is my new favorite!! She is building her confidence everyday in new ways and I LOVE watching it unfold!

  3. we love pajama walks in the cool of the eveing to calm down. Chalk drawing on the sidewalk and lying back to cloud watch are also favorite activities around here.

  4. My daughter is two and I really enjoy the summer because we finally get to get OUT (we live in the Midwest and it gets quite cold in the winter) and play and get messy. I “relax” a bit more with the paint and such and we get crazy with it by adding bubbles, water, and findings from the yard!

  5. Our absolute favorite summer memories are a mix of our big, awesome trips, like our vacation to D.C. last summer or our drive to Wyoming in 2007, and the littlest stuff – an impromptu cookout with our best friends, a day hike at the park, jumping on a trampoline, “washing the car” because it’s a good excuse to get out the hose!

  6. I work full-time outside the home and feel like I never get any time with my son. During June and July, I work ten-hour days so I can have Fridays off. I look forward ot spending those time outdoors exploring with my son and gardening together.

  7. I hope to make weekly trips to the local Farmer’s Market with my girls this summer – a nice walk in the stroller and picnic at the park weather permitting!

    What a great set of e-courses being offered! Thank you for this opportunity and enjoy your ‘slow-summer’ Shawn! I look forward to reading all about it :)

  8. I don’t have any favorite slow summer activities yet. We have been so busy lately and are about to move next week.As soon as we get settled i hope to discover some!

  9. I love just hanging out in the yard with my boys, playing in the kiddy pool with no stress or schedule to keep.

  10. Our favourite Slow Summer activities so far are when the weather is warm and sunny and we can spend all day in the back garden making dens, eating picnics, water and sand play and whatever else takes our fancy really :)

  11. Our fav slow summer activities are playing on the beach at the cottage and looking for rocks to throw into the creek by our house.

  12. I love all kinds of water activities! When its warm enough and it doesn´t matter whether the kids get wet or not….

  13. Love love love eating out on our deck during the summer. Simple foods and sunlight and easy access for my daughter to run and play in the yard as the afternoon wanes into a cooler evening. Love that about the summer!

  14. We love traveling and camping. Every two years we travel from our home in Northern Ontario to the province of Newfoundland where I grew up. We love it so much I might just start a blog about it!

  15. We love everything about summer and look forward to taking everything slowly! But we especially love packing a picnic lunch and spending the day at the lake – splishing and splashing, digging in the sand, chasing minnows and sitting back and reading a book. Bliss!

  16. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’m already registered for The Playful Family Adventure, Mothering with HeART, and Dream Lab, but I’d love to try the other two e-courses and gift spots in the 3 e-courses that I’m already enrolled in. Congratulations, Shawn, on making your dreams a reality. You have been an inspiration to me since I first took part in the Abundant Mama Project. Thank you so much for continuing to provide us with such great content.

  17. In the summer, I get to spend a great deal of time with my boys. My oldest, 5, loves to learn about new things. Over the course of the summer, I try to devote time every day to doing a project with him where he can learn something new. Today we made a volcano!

  18. I love lazy pool days and not having to run after school/work. No homework, no soccer, no school events or meetings….

  19. What a lovely giveaway! I need to focus on a slower summer for sure! I love to set up the sprinklers and the kiddie pool and just let the kids relax and cool off on a hot day while I drink iced tea!

  20. i like going on rambles, not hikes, really, but rambles and then finding a place to drink something cool. i like swimming holes with shade nearby, getting hot, getting wet, drying off then lounging in the shade. i like making and eating popsicles.

  21. I am off on Tues/Thurs and this will be our 2nd summer of “Adventure Tuesdays” where we make a point to do something or go somewhere fun. We are also trying to do 1 art project a week.

  22. When I think of a slow summer I think of blowing bubbles, solar smores, ice cream, walks around the neighborhood, sidewalk chalk and our new thing water pistols. I am looking forward to a great summer with the kids.

  23. Living in Arizona, where being outside can kill you, my favorite slow summer activity has always been reading. This is my first summer with a munchkin of my own, so it could get interesting.

  24. Last summer we made a tent out of an old sheet on our clothesline. We brought a blanket and some pillows under it and read books and played a 4 y.o. version of chess all afternoon. It is one of my favorite memories.

  25. Falling asleep in the sun while reading or cloud watching and drying from the water…
    What could be more Zen?

  26. My favorite slow summer activities as a child were playing pretend outside with my best friend, reading, taking walks with my mom in the evening after it had cooled down, and watching fireflies by my grandma’s house.

    Now that I’m a mom, and my son is just 2, our favorite slow summer activities tend to be just reading together inside, and taking walks on the community lawn of our apartment complex. We each get a stick and become pirates, over turning leaves and such, saying, “Treasure? Treasure?” as we search. It’s good silly fun!

  27. Our favorite slow summer activities are camping and hanging out at the beach or park. We also love long bike rides!

  28. Fave slow summer activity: reading a book under a tree while my daughter runs around the yard. This hasn’t actually happened yet, as she is just now 2 and our yard needs some work, but I’m looking forward to it becoming a tradition.

  29. My favorite summer activites are taking the kids to the pool and how easy it is to put them to bed because they are so tired

  30. I love going with my little boy for nature trail walks in the Forest. So many interesting trees, plants, bugs, birds etc to discover!

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