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I am truly honored to introduce you all to Awake Mama Hannah Marcotti. I have been inspired by her for a while from afar and recently, as I dig my heels in deeper here as a blogger, I find her love letters to be so refreshing in my life. Grab a cup of coffee and get to know this fabulous Mama and business owner.

1. I follow you on Twitter and Instagram and am amazed at how you live so fully as both a creative and as a mother. How do you find time to seek out meaningful moments in your everyday family life?

I love that, living fully, rather than being so busy. Thank you for that. So right now I’m typing this as my four year old plays Legos and my table is covered with beads from my new (old) love of making jewelry. There are Pokemon cards and my 7-year-old’s drawing notebook, papers that came home from school yesterday and my mug of coffee.

So I suppose I do it messily!!! I’m staring at the dog asleep on the couch on top of the clean laundry by the way. For me it is trying to be present, funny to say after telling you all of that. But if I can make an egg and not burn it I’m feeling like that is pretty magical. That I stood still in the kitchen long enough to make sure it is nice and runny, the way I like it. If I eat it warm, bonus time.

We are not an over-scheduled family. My kids at the moment do no extra activities outside of school. We are starting that this year to start to layer into their lives. But my daughter makes jewelry and amazing comics and my sons play and build and wrestle.

I try to find the simple inside of each day. Like the way my hand feels on my mug. The moment my little one runs and hugs me. The moment when I finish all the dishes so I can pour a glass of wine and make dinner.

Also, I write. A lot. Writing keeps me present, helps me process what has been and where I’m going.

2. What’s your most magical family moment, tradition or ritual?

Christmas morning. Everyone climbing into our bed opening stockings together. Gets tricky now as they are all such different ages. I treasure that.

3. Your business is “to guide women to fall in love with themselves and through that love see the possibility of what they can create.” Can you give Awesomely Awake Mamas some tips on how to fall in love with themselves?

Falling in love with you is a practice. Just like learning to run or knit. You have to slowly lean into it. Dressing your body each day in ways that make you feel beautiful. For me that can be flowy yoga pants with a bamboo top and my jewelry. Putting on make-up and doing your hair if that feels good. Really taking the time to do that, not for the world but for you. So that you watch yourself  and look in your eyes when you put on your mascara and start to really see you. Taking pictures of yourself with your iphone. Touching parts of you that hold shame. For me this is my belly, it is round and wiggly and jiggly and I can feel lots of shame around it. When I spend time looking at it, rubbing it with a warm towel, I start to infuse love inside of it. Love shines. Shame hides.

4.  Why is living fully in this world so important to you and what you do in your business?

Living fully in my world means to me that I show up as me. Highly sensitive, awkward, prolific, inward, reflective, goofy; any and all parts of who I am. And this changes often. Truly being me and loving with a really open heart are my goals, if I can do that, I think I’ll be living fully and inspiring others to do the same. Again, practice, practice, practice.

5. Tell us something you are so happy you said YES to in your life.

Oooh, fun question. I’m happy that I said yes to the first date with my husband 19 years ago. We went for Chinese and Dunkin Donuts coffee in college and have rarely been separated a day since. We’ve fallen out of sync with one another and almost lost our connection and love … and the journey to find it again has been so special and healing and hard and wonderful. I’m glad I said yes to his flirts.

6.  What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

Oh I am looking forward to so much. My daughter wants to learn to play the guitar! Love this. I’ve just started working out in the gym again. I will be traveling my work, to CA and WA and who knows where else. I look forward to learning how to manage money better and keep healing my story around money and deserving. I am looking forward to my dog calming down as he gets closer to being two!! I am slowly starting to tease out words to a book that I have been dreaming about. I’m also looking forward to learning to take more breaks, make more space and open my heart just that much more.

Hannah Marcotti is a quietly impassioned motivator who serves as guide to your gorgeous life and business of the heart. She is a highly sensitive mama who wishes to help you dream and seek out the truth of your purpose and help you celebrate life. She is often found tattooing joy on the  spirits of those in her community. Each week Hannah writes a love letter to her community which you can join here. You can also sign up for her latest project The Holiday Joy Up.


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2 Responses to Meet Awake Mama Hannah

  1. I love the idea of falling in love with yourself! There's so much I fall in love with everyday but it's usually not me or what I do- that's something to think about!

  2. I love this part:
    "Living fully in my world means to me that I show up as me. Highly sensitive, awkward, prolific, inward, reflective, goofy; any and all parts of who I am." These are words that describe me and I had forgotten all about them and how I really LIKE myself. I have drifted so far away from these descriptors and am burried so deep in trying to keep up with life, that I forgot I LIKE myself! Thank you Hannah!

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