Just Be Kind

Just Be Kind

When you’ve had it up to here

and can’t take anymore,

Just be kind.


When every button has been pushed

and there’s no sense in arguing,

Just be kind.


When your fears suck the air out of you

and you can barely breathe,

Just be kind.


When lullabies, stories, kisses

and a million tickles do not work,

Just be kind.


When the food just sits there,

and gets pushed around and criticized,

Just be kind.


When the same bad habits pop up

time and time again,

Just be kind.


When the thing you really needed done didn’t get done

and you said it a hundred times,

Just be kind.


When all you feel like doing is crawling back to bed

and let the tears fall down your face,

Just be kind.


When everything you were expecting didn’t

turn out the way you’d hoped,

Just be kind.


When it feels like no one loves you

and you are in this all alone,

Just be kind.


When you know you’re messed up

and so has everyone else,

Just be kind.


When they’re scared frozen

and you can’t understand why,

Just be kind.


When their best isn’t good enough

and you feel blame starting to rise,

Just be kind.


When your questions are met with silence

and all they do is shrug,

Just be kind.


When patience is wearing thin

and the only way out is to yell,

Just be kind.


When time is running out

and there are places to be, things to do,

Just be kind.


When you look in the mirror and wince

and hate what you see,

Just be kind.


When you feel as if you have nothing left to give

and you might just give up,

Just be kind.


25 Responses to Just Be Kind

  1. Thank you so much for this today….timing was amazing. This weekend has been so trying and there was more yelling from me than i would want. I saw fear in my sons eyes as he flinched at my voice last night. It stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears. I needed your words today…thank you.

    • Sometimes we think the louder we are they will hear us better but that simply isn't the case, is it? If it worked, we'd never have to yell again. Hugs to you. Your slate is clean now. Hugs make it all better. Get yourself one! xo

  2. it was so great to meet you this weekend. and this message too will be one that I take away. That, and my new mantra might be ENCOURAGE. 😉 Hope to stay in touch and to find you in DC again very, very soon. xoxo.

    • Michelle – As I was driving home I was like SHOOT I didn't get your last name! So happy you posted here. Thank you for your amazing hospitality. The end of the morning was emotional and I desperately needed to decompress in my mind. xoxo I will be back!!

  3. Oh wow, how I needed to read this RIGHT NOW! Thank you. I was able to walk over to my kids and be kind when that is what we all needed the most. That felt great! Thank you again. :)

  4. Shawn, yours words are always inspirational. The first time through I applied it to my family (4 kids 17, 17,19, 21) and to my daily life. But we have recently started to do foster care, and as I reread your words, it brought tears to my eyes. It could not have been more beautifully said. Thank you!

    • Susan, thank you for putting yourself out there and helping children who need a family. That brings tears to my eyes.

  5. This is so great! As I am reading it, Im listening to your awesomely awake ecourse recommendation The Paper Kites smiling! I am so happy I found your website — I read alot of parenting tip websites but have never felt more inspired & accepted as a parent who makes mistakes :) Love it! Thank you

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