How to be a More Adventurous Mom

Go ahead and Be Fearless today

I kept staring at the purple carpet under our feet as I laced up my girls roller skates.

Deep purple — just like a roller skating rink should have covering it’s floors.

I always get sweaty in situations like this — helping my children put on difficult clothing items.

I’m not sure why. It’s a sport, really, preparing kids for sports.

Next to us, a friendly faced woman — youngish — sat down on our bench. She wanted to talk to us. You could tell.

I wasn’t sure what to think.

“I haven’t skated in 15 years,” she said, lacing up her roller blades. “I couldn’t find anyone else to come with me today so I decided to come by myself.”

She was smiling. You could tell she was proud of herself.try something new via Awesomely Awake

Ah, a young single woman with nothing to do on a Saturday so she skates by herself. That’s fantastic for her.

I continued to chat with her, nodding my head at her excitement, telling her that, no, I won’t be skating today because, well, it’s easier to help children who are new at skating when we’re not in skates. And, besides, I haven’t skated in years. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be afraid I’d …

“I have two small kids at home,” she said. “I figured if I can skate I can help them better.”

Say what?

And off she went. Skating around the rink. Slow at first but quickly gaining speed, stopping off to chat with other families with other children along the way.

An hour passed.

We were in the second hour. Things were great. I walked around the rink watching everyone skate. I just love being at the roller rink. The loud music. The happy people. The many generations and diverse cultures all dancing and moving together in sync for one day. It’s truly a beautiful sight.

But something was nagging me.

I should have put on skates.

I should have tried.

I should do this one thing — for myself.

I should at least try something new. For once.

When my husband turned his skates in, I hollered to him to grab me a pair of sevens.

He brought them back. He and the girls rushed off for another loop around the rink.

I put my skates on and laced them up, suddenly feeling 14 years old again.

I took at least 1,000 baby steps around the outside of the rink until I got to opposite side of the building, near the longest wall in the rink, and I entered the slippery floor with my family.

And you know what?

I did it.

I absolutely skated and I didn’t even fall.

Was I smooth and cool? Not even close.

Was I sore the next day? A bit, yes.

Do I feel like I could shout to perfect strangers on the street that I roller skated on Saturday?

Yes, yes I do.

And it feels wonderful!

Later, when the Mom On Skates saw me and complimented me, I yelled out to her, “Hey, you really inspired me today. Thank you.”

I took my own advice and tried something new.

Here’s a few other adventures I found around the Internet to help you try something new.

  • You could always Climb a tree.
  • I love this story of Speed Skater Mom plus this post shows how she went on a zipline!
  • This whole site is encouraging for Mamas wanting to branch out a bit.
  • Of course, there’s always the inspirational Danielle at 52 Brand New.

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5 Responses to How to be a More Adventurous Mom

  1. I love it! Even though I did a brave thing by riding my bike from Alaska to Argentina, I find I face that exact same battle each and every time. I've got my roller blades sitting in the closet and haven't pulled them since… 2007. I think you've inspired me to pull them out and put them on! Thank you.

    • YES!! We’re all brave at some things, and not so much at others, right? I’m brave at putting my words out into the world and trying new writing adventures but real life adventures I’ve been lacking. That is changing! Send pictures!! : )

  2. I love this! I see it as having moments of joy in our lives rather than sitting back and watching others as they experience joy.

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