Holiday Stress and Honoring Your Own Hungers

Holiday Stress and Honoring Your Own Hungers

The holiday season is upon us, which can mean that holiday stress is also upon us, like a great weight of gifts over our shoulders.

We can take it and run with it without thought and feel constantly inadequate.

Or we can own it and hold it and nurture it and make it ours by honoring our own hungers.

What do I need this holiday season?

What am I hungry for this season?

I need … love, knowingness and bliss. I need joy, beauty and comfort.

I need deep, deep gratitude both in me and around me.

I need simple living, simple activities and simple joy.

I need healthy, nourishing foods to sustain me and enrich me.

I need quiet evenings in front of the fire, reading, playing games and quiet reflection.

I need cozy socks and warm blankets and time to use both.

I need full days of working with Abundant Mamas not because there is time, but because it fills me up when there is no time.

I need laughter and silliness.

tree of light
Holiday stress and honoring your own hungers. This Tree of Lights print is found on Etsy


I need a warm meal that heals and nourishes me, and I need for someone else to infuse it with their love and their joy and their healing powers.

I need long sleeps. Lazy mornings. Big breakfasts. And easy weekends.

I need ease and flow in how and when I buy gifts for those I love and I need creativity like air and water.

I need powerful reflection on this year and great clarity for the year to come.

I need to return to the basics of self-care and self-empowerment so that when I look in the mirror, I see enough goodness to light my way through the darkness.

reflect and respond: This is what I’m hungry for right now. What are you hungry for this holiday season?


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4 Responses to Holiday Stress and Honoring Your Own Hungers

  1. We all need these things , thanks for articulating these so eloquently because some of us are either unaware of the need or not able to pinpoint what is missing

  2. Oh my. I have never, ever, commented on a blog….. Until today. I have just come to your space via your calm parenting post and everything speaks to me here!!! This post is beautiful and so perfect. Thank you for shining your light into this space, it has most certainly been the torch I have needed to light my way. Many blessings

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