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It’s early on Friday morning. The thermometer said exactly 30 degrees. It wasn’t the best of mornings. We’ve had many, many smoother, kinder, more patient mornings. But, like some mornings go — particularly Friday mornings — we just weren’t all meshing.

I got snippy. My daughter got snippy. Awake Dad got mad. My other daughter cried at the chaos of it all.

In other words, it could have been better.

Things happen. Don’t they?

Some mornings — some days — just aren’t picture perfect like what we want to put on Instagram.

That’s OK, I remind myself.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. ~Voltaire

As we eased out of our grumpies … and into our Friday. We all softened a bit, realizing that we had — every single one of us — overreacted for reasons we couldn’t even describe.

It was just one of those things.

I’m just grateful we all found our center before it was too late. A few years ago, that might not have been the case. A few years ago, that kind of morning might have taken over our whole day, our whole weekend. It might have swallowed us up, whole.

I’m grateful we know how to move forward and let go as a family more quickly and more easily. That kind of letting to, though, takes practice.

I’m grateful we understand that each one of us makes mistakes, says our sorries and moves on to love again in big, big ways.

I”m grateful for this kind of love where mistakes and imperfection is OK.

I’m also grateful for what is to come. Change excites me. I thrive in it.

I’m grateful for my daily gratitude journal that has become a gold mine of personal treasures for me this past month as I lead The Abundant Mama Project. I’m excited to re-launch it in late December!

As we ease into this weekend, I am grateful for my own forethought to consider ways to my weekend easier.

  • Dinners in the slow cooker. Weekends are the best time to use a slow cooker … who wants to spend too much time cooking when there’s so much living to do?
  • Blog posts and newsletters and course emails written well before Sunday night. I love this blog but wow is sure takes up a lot of time. xoxo
  • Cleaning done and put away. I love a clean house. I do. I just can’t stand taking precious time to clean it. That’s all.

And, of course, I”m grateful for the amazing people I’ve connected with and all of our new readers. You are all so wonderful and kind.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and being inspired by around the Internet this past week or two:

:: Marketing to girls is a topic that highly conscious of despite raising two of the most girly girls p0ssible. This post on The Motherlode was interesting. What makes a good toy? One of our girls actually asked for Lego Friend’s Olivia’s House from Santa. Well, that and a puppy!

:: I posted about this on my Facebook page but wow this post at Free Range Kids just spoke to me, in a good way. You can expect my reaction to this next week!

:: I love this poem about Autumn from Bentlily. It is just so right on.

:: I am grateful for the amazing growth at Awesomely Awake and as a gift to myself — and a way to keep up on the go — I just bought an iPad. Of course, that means the girls are clamoring to be on it as well. And, why not? Check out these Creativity Apps that Playful Learning pulled together. Just amazing. I cannot wait to check them out and see which ones will bring joy to my creative girls’ faces — while they are learning!


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