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Who likes free things?

Well, this Thursday, Feb. 7 and Friday, Feb. 8, you can download your a copy of my e-book, The Playful Family, for FREE.

Simply go to the listing on Amazon beginning at midnight and download. You don’t even need a Kindle!

This is a giveaway to thank all of you for helping to push my Facebook fan page over 5,000 likes. Humbled and grateful, I offer this to you for a limited time only.

But, I’d like to add a little more love to the pile by holding a contest. Since LOVE is our intention this month.

**THE RAFFLE CONTEST IS OVER*** {Winner is Cali Smith!!}  I’m also going to giveaway one FREE entry into my e-course The Abundant Mama Project that offers personal support from myself and other Mamas around the world trying to live more awake and notice the abundance in their life. This month’s course is also focusing on love … as in being more gracious and awake in our loving relationships.I am Abundant Mama

**THE RAFFLE CONTEST IS OVER*** To enter this raffle, you first must answer the question, then to get additional entries into the raffle, you can share this post about the book giveaway with as many people as you possibly can. Tweet it. Facebook it. Google + it. Email it. Print it and hand it out on the street corners … OK, just kidding about that. That’s wasteful. See details in the raffle box below about how to earn extra entries in this giveaway contest. The raffle begins at 12 a.m. EST on Feb. 6. and continues until midnight.

**THE RAFFLE CONTEST IS OVER*** First thing Saturday morning, as soon as I wake up, do yoga and drink my coffee, I will use the random number generator to pick the very fine winner who will be notified by e-mail, so make sure you leave an email behind with your comment below. I will not stalk you on Facebook to give you this prize. Sorry. I’ll also post the winner right here on this post as well.

The Abundant Mama e-course begins Monday, Feb. 11. The final day to register is Feb. 10 by 7 p.m. EST.

55 Responses to Get my e-book FREE + a Giveaway

  1. […] As I’m sure you already know, I’m all about finding little ways to sneak play into our day to day life. From random celebrations to homemade toys to silly photo shoots – playful family life does not have to be complicated or expensive. That’s why I love Shawn’s (of Awesomely Awake) ebook, The Playful Family. […]

  2. E is really starting to crawl now & my husband chases her around and she squeals with delight & tries to crawl faster.

  3. Our favorite game right now is "catch the puppy". We take our 5 year old daughter and 6 month old lab to a field and let them run! It's so much fun to be in a wide open space with the freedom to go as far as you can :)

  4. Hiding under the bed covers as the dinosaurs stomp and sniff around us, and then counting to 3 and scaring them away with a family of 4 roar!

  5. Right now swimming or going ourdoors to play together works best because of the age difference 13,12,3 and 3. But now that the twins are getting old enough to play some games I'm hoping to wrangle the older girls into playing some that are age appropriate for the younger ones. As for just the older girls apples to apples.

  6. Right now swimming or going ourdoors to play together works best because of the age difference 13,12,3 and 3. But now that the twins are getting old enough to play some games I'm hoping to wrangle the older girls into playing some that are age appropriate for the younger ones. As for just the older girls apples to apples.

  7. My 21 month’s old current favorites are hide & seek and “pet the chicken” which involves us catching a chicken so she can pet it. :)

  8. Right now at the ages of 6 & 3 hide n seek:) They also LOVE scavenger hunts if that counts

  9. My 3 son year old loves football so much he wants to play it every night before bed. We have so much fun my 1 year old daughter now tackles along with the rest of us. We also play pretend about 90% of our day, from building "nests" or "burrows" having a restaurant, responding to emergencies or being Coach Bronco and #3 Kyle Van Noy.

  10. We LOVE to play chase. We run all through the house every night before bath time, and the girls remind me EVERY night not to forget that we have to play. So simple, but so much laughter.

  11. Definitely Hide ‘n’ Seek, always a winner with our 2 and 4 year old litle girls! But also playing throwing and catching bean bags faster and faster, going for a lantern walk in the dark, hiding under the blankets all together to escape from the Gruffalo haunting our house, water sliding in the garden (with a big plastic bag on a slope, a bit of water and soap)… 😀

  12. We love to build blanket forts at the moment…soooo cold outside, outdoor fun will have to wait a while.

  13. Since it’s been so cold, we’ve been hitting up the board game. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been playing bingo this week with conversation heart candies.

  14. I’m a Canadian mama who wants to have a playful family too! won’t let me order it because I am in Canada, and it’s not available in the .ca store. Is there a way to share with the Northern Mamas too?

  15. There is a little fish game we recently purchased in Germany. It is my son’s favorite game to play. His rules are much more fun too. Depending on his mood the fish either get eaten by the fishermen, or they all get away.

  16. My son and I love to play on the swings at the park together. He’s too young for structured games, but we make animal noises and play at guessing which animal belongs to which noise. He also likes playing matching games – he can match the design on the front of his diaper with the same design on another diaper. He thinks it’s fun to wear diapers one-after-the-other that “match.”

  17. Our favorite game is uno, it helps my 3 year old with numbers and colors, we also craft and cook together, and he loves anything he can get messy with.

  18. Thanks for being so generous, have downloaded ebook. Have blogged about your ebook download and giveaway.

    Our daughter (24mths) still loves hiding but lately is developing a love of making up silly words/songs game.

  19. We love to play Bingo kids edition since it is freezing. When the weather is warmer we usually live at the park, go on bike rides, swim, and lots of other thing. The cold weather kind of ruins the fun.

  20. We close all the doors off a small hallway and run around like crazy throwing a bunch of balloons up in the air. My 2-year-old loves it. He alternates between running around, knocking balloons, and just standing there, holding his face up as they all float down around him.

  21. Simplify. Sit down and just play on the ground or go outside. That’s how I can make any day better with my 2 little girls (20 mo & 4-1/2 yrs). Kids just want your undivided attention and your time. It’s a daily effort to be better at it too so when I actually DO make the effort it greatly improves my day as well!
    Thanks for offering the E-book! I was very excited to download it as I tend to read in the dark on my Iphone at night. I have a moms group in my small town and we do a lot of parent networking. I’ll be sure to share your awesome newsletter and your e-book with all of them.
    Thanks again!

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