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Creating a Nourishing Home

The fall seems like the best time to nest at home. That’s when I seem to always find myself decluttering this and moving that and longing to add more beauty to my home. I’m thrilled to have Leah Kent of Skill It and Stephanie Perkinson of Wellness by Design here today as guest contributors to talk about nesting — and an e-course they are offering this month. Please welcome them here today.


Written by Leah Kent

{There is a giveaway contest at the end of this post}

Ever since I can remember, I have loved making my mark on my surroundings.

I like to create a living, breathing relationship with my physical world. I am constantly adding new layers to my environment, playing with color, and always trying to find ways to make things myself. This is my vision for a handmade, home-cooked life…a way of being that is based on focusing my attention on the simple, everyday pleasures that each day has to offer.

Living in a simple, cozy bungalow that is filled with sunshine, art, and laughter is what makes me feel not just content, but overflowing with abundance.

For me, a home filled with good, simple food and comforting objects, textures, and artwork makes me feel grounded and connected. I believe with my whole heart that our surroundings have a profound effect on our daily lives.

Any style or shape, rented or owned, the heartbeat of a home comes from your own two hands and for the intentions you set as you breathe life into your space.


When our homes are in balance we create an environment that nourishes us from the inside out.

Spaces that are arranged to enhance the flow of energy and are accented with things of beauty that we truly cherish bring us joy. This supports us in all of our other pursuits, like parenting, work, creative expression, and community activities.

At heart, I think a home can be a place for each of us to connect with ourselves. It’s the place we go to re-charge, refresh, and retreat from the busy, hurried world outside. Home is a place of sanctuary, joy, and love.

As much as we need to go out into the world to explore, we are that much braver and confident when we know that we have a place of sanctuary that will welcome us back from the adventure.

Creating a nurturing, nourishing home is a process that is always unfolding in its own perfect way. But small steps, taken here and there, can add up to profound and lasting changes in the way you relate to your space. Because when our homes are a place of haven, we feel even more relaxed, supported, and alive.


Leah and Stephanie are offering a wonderful e-course called Feathering the Nest that I am so looking forward to being a part of. You can bet we’re going to have a lot more blog posts on creating a nourishing home life in the future.

(Giveaway} They were also awesome enough to offer a free space to one of our readers at Awesomely Awake. So, we’ll have a giveaway for Feathering the Nest later this week. Leave a comment telling us what feeling you would love to create in your home. One lucky winner will receive a free registration into Feathering the Nest e-course. Winners will be notified by email. You must enter a comment to win. The random drawing will happen Friday evening and the winner will be notified by Saturday. 

The contest is now over. The winner was Jen W. Congrats, Jen!

The Fall session of Feathering the Nest begins on September 30th.

{Special Discount} They are also kind enough to offer the Awesomely Awake community a special price on the course tuition. Please use the code “AWAKE” at checkout to receive a 15% discount. Learn more and join the gorgeous circle that is forming.

FTN_Portrait_Button_LSLeah Kent lives a (mostly) handmade, home-cooked life in Rhode Island. She started Skill It to bring Home Ec back to life with a modern twist and lots of soul. She loves supporting others to bring more joy and peace into their lives. Especially through the simple, everyday joys of cooking, sewing, and making beautiful things with your hands. 

With Stephanie Perkinson, she is the co-creator of Feathering the Nest, a beautiful, two week journey created to guide you into making your home a beautiful space that mirrors the love & dreams you hold in your soul. The resources, ideas, and projects in this course encourage you to coax the unique beauty of the everyday out into the open so you and your loved ones feel nourished and at ease. 



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