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5 Guideposts for a Magical & Slow Holiday Season

5 Guideposts for a Magical & Slow Holiday Season

Magical holiday seasons don’t just happen.

They aren’t a given.

They take work.

Hard work.

We tend to get caught up in this magic making.

We want everything to be perfect.

We have a vision, you know!

These high expectations are what creates our stress and adds to the chaos of the season.

I talk about this idea of expectations and busyness in my book, Savoring Slow, because this is always an issue for us. Always. We’re never NOT busy.

How we approach our busy life is what matters and that’s where my work comes in … I show you how to do just that.

In this week’s podcast, I’m talking about going from chaos to calm during the holidays so that we get that beautiful magic we want … but without totally stressing out about it and over-complicating it.

Listen now!


Podcast Show Summary & Resources

Here are my 5 Guideposts for a Magical Holiday Season:

1. GIVING. Much like the whole 80-20 rule of marketing, we can spend the majority of our time thinking of others this season. Other children who don’t have a joyful family to hug and hold them tight. And other people who won’t have a family meal to gather around on Christmas Day. Give the gift of time to someone who values it. Give a gift of a note of appreciation. Give a dish of cookies.

2. SIMPLE. It can be really easy to get caught up in making this season complicated. Highly involved recipes, crafts and activities. But, a simple night of driving around and watching the lights twinkle is really about as simple as it needs to get and we often forget that. Get back to basics and find beauty in just being enough as you are right now.

3. SLOW. Lighting candles. Sitting by fires. Making a good batch of cookies. This is the word that carries a family through the stress of the holidays. This is the word we have to keep at the forefront of everything we do. The point is to not rush through any of it. Watch the snow fall. Watch the water boil. Watch the child fall asleep in her sweet pajamas.

4. RELISH. Relish how the kids light up at the gift of the morning’s arrival. Relish at how the room smells after baking that bread. Relish at the sounds of the music pouring out of the speakers. Relish the feeling of making someone happy with a gift that really means something to them.

5. JOY. Isn’t this the point? To feel joy. This doesn’t mean with gifts because the real gifts aren’t under the tree. But to feel joy by giving and relishing. To feel joy by living a simple, slow life. No matter what happens if a home has joy it has everything to a child. Forget the gifts, give me joy. (tweet this)


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