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What’s Keeping You From Stepping into Your Authentic Greatness?

What’s Keeping You From Stepping into Your Authentic Greatness?

I get it.

You’d rather sleep in late.

Binge on Netflix.

Numb out on Facebook.

Eat the foods that leave you feeling more empty than content.

This is what we do when we’re not careful, not intentional, not stepping into greatness.

These are just some of the bad habits we use to keep ourselves small — to keep us too busy to remember that we’re already full of greatness.

We only have to remember.

We only have to DO one thing to step into greatness.

What’s the alternative?

retreat be yourself

The alternative leads to a dark place that’s hard to climb out of.

And we LOVE to numb out in the Land of Bitter and Sour because resentment loves to feel comforted.

Today, take ONE move toward your authentic greatness.

  • Greatness in motherhood might mean just being more present.
  • Greatness in yourself might mean getting up early and finding your power in quiet and solitude.
  • Greatness at work might mean speaking up, being heard and trusting yourself.
  • Greatness in marriage could mean letting go of your internal pressures.

Whatever your ONE move is … may it remind you of your authentic greatness that is already inside of you.

Stop hiding.

Stop doing the things that hurt you and hold you back.

Stop giving power to others.

What is Your ONE Move today?

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Main Yoga Image by Renee W. Taylor Photography

Feature Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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