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4 Ways to Embrace the Abundant Mama Way This Year

4 Ways to Embrace the Abundant Mama Way This Year

It’s that time of the year when we are still so eager to live our intentions and goals for the new year.

But it’s also right around the time when we start to slack off and let things slip and by March we’re often back to our old ways and our old thought patterns and letting our ideal way of living go to the wayside.

And all that reflection on all the great things we want to do in the new year seems like a distant past.

As I look back at my successes, I consistently draw upon the same four ways I live my Abundant Mama Way each year — all of which are great ways to stay motivated to keep living the way I want to live, and not fall back into bad habits and negative patterns.

Instead, these practices help inspire me to always keep finding ways to go deeper and find more ways to AMP up my soul care and family wellness practices.

For those of you who are new here, the Abundant Mama Way is a four-week program you can do online with a BUNCH of mamas around the world. In the program we focus on four foundations that I have found to be the key to feeling abundant, rather than depleted in motherhood and life while raising children.

just let go by reganne

What are the Four Foundations?

When I was stuck in the Land of Bitter and Sour, I found a path out that combined several tools together into one daily practice.

Those elements are

  1. gratitude, which is now my abundance practice
  2. self-care
  3. learning to let go and trust
  4. being a playful mama.

Those four foundations are key to bouncing back and staying grounded and peaceful in our roles as mothers, partners and in tackling our long list of t0-dos.

Why these foundations?

These four foundations work. They work well when you apply them one-by-one but they really, really work wonders when you apply them all together and keep practicing them over and over.

And they don’t just make motherhood better by changing your mindset about your life.

They make your whole life better because you have more energy and more motivation for life.

And that’s a good thing.

We can all tap into the Abundant Mama Way this year — even if you aren’t a part of the program, which I hope you will gift yourself because you deserve it.


Here are 4 Ways to Embrace the Abundant Mama Way this year:

Get to Know Yourself

Abundant Mamas are curious about their inner lives as much as they are about their outer lives. This means they spend a great deal of time digging deep on what they love, what they need and how to nourish themselves, their thinking minds and their weary bodies. You can do this, too, by enjoying the New You Workshop. It’s free.

Transform Your Mornings

If you want a better day, start with how you start your mornings. Any mama can easily transform her mornings with a few tweaks and changes.  Start by joining our FREE 10-Day Rise and Shine Challenge. It’s not just for those who wake up early. No matter what time you rise, you should make effort to shine.

Start A New Habit

Bad habits really do take over our lives if we’re not careful so why not be more intentional with how you spend your time. Download the 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas workbook and start journaling on some new habits you can start right now.

Embrace Slow Mothering

One of the BEST ways to keep yourself calm and peaceful is to slow down and do everything with intention and stay as close to the present moment as possible. I’ve put all of this together in my newest book, Savoring Slow, which is a list of 12 habits you can do to manufacture a slower life. Your day is always going to be full with life and raising children but there are so many ways to make it feel more meaningful and beautiful.

Photo of bowl and leaves by Abundant Mama Alum, Reganne Denton-Giles. 

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