Adopting a “Be More with Less” Attitude about Life and Family

Adopting a “Be More with Less” Attitude about Life and Family

When I learned of Courtney Carver’s mission “Be More with Less” I knew instantly I needed to reach out and connect with her.

I needed to tell her about my own philosophy — Less is More, a philosophy I really needed to bring front and center recently in order to slow down my brain and body and life.

The thing about busyness is that we’ll never really rid ourselves of it as long as we’re raising children and keeping a home and family.

As I wrote about in my book, Savoring Slow, we’ll always have a ton of things to do. But what we can do is intentionally create a slower pace around the guideposts of our day. We don’t have to be frantic and crazy all day long, every single day. We can walk the journey of balance knowing that the journey is, indeed, the mission, not the destination.

In this recent podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, Courtney and I discuss the health matter that led her to adopt her Be More with Less motto and mantra and we talk about her famed minimalist fashion project — Project 333.

She and I talk about clutter, decluttering, letting go of emotional shopping and learning to do life differently.

Listen to the show below or subscribe and listen on your favorite podcast stream.


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Highlights Inside this Episode

  • Coping with MS
  • The Damage of Stress
  • Escaping the Dollars and Deadlines Focus
  • Minimalist Fashion
  • Dealing with BIG clutter issues
  • Emotional Shopping

Resources inside this Episode

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