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To be Awesomely Awake, we must power down a little each day.  We’re not of the belief that a whole week or a whole month or a whole year, is necessary.  Instead, we feel it’s more important to unplug at various times every day to make time to appreciate real things, do real things and see real things — all without a filter of a pixeled screen. Technology is NOT going anywhere. We have to learn to balance it with life. Real life is so much more beautiful. Sometimes we must be reminded to stop, unplug and LIVE. Here is a list of ways to Unplug. How will you turn on your life? Here’s a really, amazing way to start …
Power down.
Walk through the woods.
Leave the phone at home.
Turn everything off.
Pick up a book.
Read a magazine.
Touch something real.
Talk to someone in person.
Call someone on the phone.
Hug your husband.
Ask your wife how her day was.
Stare at each other.
Say nothing.
Sit in silence.
Pick flowers
Dig in the dirt.
Lay in the grass.
Stare at the sky.
Knead dough.
Shop at a farm stand.
Walk where you need to go.
Update your kids instead of Facebook.
Tweet like a real bird.
Pretend to be a rock star.
Be the tickle monster.
Throw a pillow fight.
Throw a mini-party for your family.
Thank someone.
Write a letter.
Write a poem.
Turn up the music.
Hold your partner’s hand.
Give a massage.
Repeat these words: I am enough.
Sit on the porch instead of the computer chair.
Get outside.
Take a bath.
Light a candle.
Drink lemonade.
Make something.
Create art.
Love this life.
Stay Awake.
Now it’s your turn. What do you love to do when you power down your gadgets and break free of the status updates? How would you love to spend an hour, two hours or a whole day without a computer or phone to check? Also, please feel free to comment on the new look of Awesomely Awake, too. I’d love your feedback. I was going for whimsy and color to mix things up a bit. It will take some getting used to!

18 Responses to Amaze Yourself & Unplug

  1. Love the new look! You must have read my mind. Just started to prepare my kids for their next New Experience– a whole week with no TV or Wii. I don’t think it will be their favorite experience this year, but I am looking forward to it!

    • Oh, that will be a fun one! I can’t wait to read about all the cool things that happen as a result. We really don’t watch much TV. I’ve been super strict in that area. Have fun connecting!

    • Thanks, Joan! I searched and searched and this was the only one that wasn’t cluttered but had that bit of whimsy I wanted. Plus, favorite color! : )

  2. I like the new look (well I liked the old one too). On our power down times we love to take long drives, hike with the dogs, go to the beach and just sit there, play board games, and I like to bake and cook. We also do a bible study each night (if one of us doesn’t fall asleep first) and pray as a family.

      • M&M cookies, my husbands grandmas cake, my great grandmothers secret iced sugar cookies, baked spegetti all with our chickens eggs. I do alot of it to relax and it keeps the men in my life out of the kitchen and gives me a little time :)

  3. Love this post (and the new look). I’ve been trying to be screen free on the weekends. Last weekend, I played in the sandbox with my toddler and realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I had played in sand. In general, it translates to more outdoor time, which my little boy loves. He’s happy, and I’m happy. Having my little ones has definitely helped me unplug. My now 2 1/2 started closing my laptop when he was 18 months old at times when I really did need to unplug and focus on him. Now, he doesn’t have to.

    • That sounds wonderful! I am mostly screen free on weekends as well! It is needed after a week of nothing but screen time for work! Love that u got in the sand box. So much fun and pure simple pleasures.

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