Amaze Yourself & Notice the Beauty

Amaze Yourself & Notice the Beauty

When you wake today, May You Notice.

May you Pay attention.

May you see and honor the tiny, yet beautiful details of life unfolding before your very eyes. May you feel how the earth holds you up, grounds you and gives you something to stand on, something to stand for each day. May you smell the coffee as it gradually drifts from room to room. May you Breathe in the morning air, the smells of new beginnings, of starting overs, of delicious conspiracies you can turn into your reality.

May you see your partner. How he or she follows the same routine. How he or she takes time to notice the little things. May You hear what is not only said but meant. May You be open to that love between you.

And when the children wake early, long before the sun rises, may you Notice.

May you Pay attention. May you realize this, too, will most definitely pass.

May you laugh as their bed head makes their hair do twisty, weird things. May you feel how their warmth radiates from their hearts, filling yours. Smell their sweetness and innocence before everyone gets too busy to gather close again. Notice what their eyes are drawn to out of curiosity and wonder. May You Notice what inspires them to smile. May you smile with them at the beauty of everything.

As you go about your day, and your family goes about theirs, May You Pay attention to the birds singing outside your windows. May you notice the way the green stems are peeking up through the ground. May you notice how the clouds are billowing away their time in the sky, traveling, floating. May You Notice the way all the human beings you pass are just human beings, fighting to survive another day themselves. May you notice how they warm your heart even if they are strangers, even if they are not like you.

And when you come back together as a family, May You Pay Attention to what isn’t said at all. May you look into each others eyes and notice how bright they are, or tired they are, or excited they are. May you cook slowly, eat slowly and linger long together, just relishing this meal for what it us — sustenance, soul food, nourishment. May you savor that food and the memories of eating together. May You Notice that this moment is what matters.

May You Pay Attention to the joy that crosses their faces as you say YES, finally, again, once more. May You Notice how that makes you feel, to make people happy because you can, because you wanted to and because you could.

As your day comes to an end, May You Notice how the light fades in each of your rooms. How the energy rises …. rises …. rises and then watch it as it falls, comes to a sleepy end. May You Notice how little bodies shiver and lips turn blue as they dry off from their bath. May You Notice how the knots have gotten more tangled as their hair has grown, as they have grown. May you notice that the line on the bathroom wall where you last measured is now far below where their head would be now.

May You Notice that life is right here, this moment and no other. May You Notice that you just survived a day without tackling your to-do list. May You Notice that you, too, have needs. A bath. A good book. A sweet wine. A massage. A long night’s sleep. To talk to a friend. To write long and full of run-on sentences because you have so much to express, so much to say and there aren’t enough hours to remember it all even though you really wish you could so you just have to write them down before you forget the beauty.

May You Pay Attention to all that matters today. And nothing more.

Notice the Beauty.

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38 Responses to Amaze Yourself & Notice the Beauty

  1. I am speechless. Quite possibly the most beautifully written reminder I have ever read. You have so gently and lovingly reminded us to recognize each moment as a gift — one that we can truly only see when we slow down and soak it up. My goal for tomorrow is right here. Thank you for blessing the world with your wondrous talent. I hope you had a lovely birthday weekend. I an thankful it allowed you to produce this piece.

  2. This came at the most perfect time. I am a little teary eyed right now. I was feeling very…. guilty…. for being sort of distant from my family today. I had a sort of “medicine head” like day. From this amazing reminder of all of the little things I overlooked today, I realized I didn’t really overlook it and tomorrow I’m definitely going to be more … awesomely awake tomorrow! Thank you. You really do very good work!!

    • Beth, thanks for expressing this … It is hard and this takes practice. Some days are easier than others, some weeks harder. My hope is that we all find more and more sacred, happy moments. Thank you!!

  3. That was beautiful. I had to come to my computer and read this, since the cell phone screen is too small, and easy to glaze over. It was very beautiful and I am sharing this with my friends and family

  4. So well said. It is the everyday stuff that we sometimes miss, and in the future will WISH we had just stopped and paid attention to. Those of us with young children know just how quickly time zooms by, and sometimes we WANT it to zoom by (those long, bewildering lonely days at home with a new baby). Then suddenly you look up and you have a seven-year-old, and oh, if only you had been able to pay more attention to those baby days. I am appreciating the reminders I am finding in great blogs like yours…

  5. […] I like to see how magical we can make a regular day. Sometimes, it’s hard to do big, amazing things all the time — for lack of time, energy or even resources. But, as I said in my last post, some of the best memories are those everyday moments that glimmer simply because we took the time to notice the beauty. […]

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  7. Your posts always warm my heart and remind me of what’s truly important. Thank you for being a good reason to connect on social media! I’m SO grateful for you site.

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