Amaze Yourself & Let Go

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What would happen if just today you let go of the tight grip you keep on your life?

Would the world fall apart?

Would YOUR world fall apart?

What if you didn’t care about what your children ate, the activities they did, if your husband packed his lunch or even if he was going to be home late, again?

Will the sun still come up tomorrow? Will your family still be OK?

What if just for today you didn’t care what other people thought and you just did your own thing without worry or societal pressures?

Would all that authenticity make you shine brighter?

What if all those balls you’re juggling in the air just fell one-by-one onto the ground and shattered on the floor?

Would you be upset or would you be relieved?

How would it feel to just be without trying to get to the next best thing that you simply must achieve? That next blog post? That next level of management? That next big screen TV? The bigger car?

Would everything you have right now, this very second, be enough?

What if you just stopped caring so damn much about life’s minutiae and started paying attention to all the beauty that surrounds you instead? Who cares if you really say no to volunteering, just this once? Who cares if you really say yes to skipping the latest social function, just this once?

Especially if it means more time to yourself. Or more time with your family?

The image of losing my tight grip on all the many things I try to control all day is a beautiful, profound thought to me. Breathing helps. Doing less helps. Saying yes to more fun things helps.

The idea of not needing to be responsible for every. little. stinking. thing is WONDERful.

But the idea of losing that tight grip that I have on my children’s day is even more appealing. Are they old enough to start learning valuable mistakes? Are they old enough to pull away from me just a bit? Are they old enough to start doing more things on their own?

How about you? What could you care less about today?

Beds not getting made? An unkept house? Piles of laundry? Children’s squabbling in the other room? If they ate iced pop tarts over the new box of organic shredded wheat? If their clothes match?

Finding the perfect photo to share on your blog or on Facebook or to send across the miles?

Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments or on your own blog, linking back to this post.

40 Responses to Amaze Yourself & Let Go

  1. Oh wow. Every time you write something I think, “THIS is my favorite.” Now this one is my favorite. AWESOME!!! Gosh, we all need this dose of reality, don’t we? You put it so gently and so eloquently, though. My life changed the minute I decided to “let go” and allow things to simply “be” on my journey to live a more “Hands Free” life. I know I have made huge strides, but there is more room to grow, more things I can release. You have given me the nudge. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. This is pretty good. I think I’m good at letting go of the minutiae, what other people think, the details, the housekeeping, but I have an awful hard time letting go of resentments, anger, frustration, and this nagging feeling that “I can’t!” But if I did let go of all that, my life would be so much better. I need to think on this. Maybe it’s time to do some journal writing.

    • “but I have an awful hard time letting go of resentments, anger, frustration, and this nagging feeling that “I can’t!” ” oh, you’re right about that. More to come on this very topic later this week in my second post. : ) Yes, write through it. Always helps me. Thx!!

  3. Thank you. You inspired me to write my post today entitled ‘Every writer deserves some time off’ – here’s the link I’ve also included a link back to this post.
    Just wanted to say how much I look forward to your posts – you are so inspirational.

    • I left a comment on your writing blog … writers and all creative souls must give themselves a vacation. The page will be there tomorrow and forever. Though, if anyone, I get the sense of urgency. I get it. Trust me.

  4. This was the perfect post for me this morning – I dropped one child at school, the other at her one-day-a-week childcare, took a sip of my coffee on this gloriously sunny and warm morning, and thought, I have the whole day ahead of me and I don’t care if I accomplish a lot or a little. It’s a good day. Thanks for putting it into words!

    • Good for you, Dan!! I was proud of myself yesterday slipping away from my desk job to just sit outside and do nothing. I even closed my eyes. Such a beautiful spring this year.

  5. You are right. I DO set myself goals every day. It’s a very rare day that I let things slip.
    However, with two little boys to love and look after. There are MANY unplanned moments in a day too.
    Enjoyed your post. And everyones comments too ♥

    • Yes, Children do naturally draw out the unplanned lifestyle … : ) Thanks for visiting. Great to see you here, commenting! We love comments.

  6. First time reading your blog, and I was delighted. Thanks for sharing a deeply held belief I too also have… that of, what’s important. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! Today, I’m going to continue to ‘let go’ of feeling badly about not feeling badly about not being everywhere, all the time, for everyone else. 😉 Being an older/wiser mom, I am blessed to not be 32, and SO worried about what everyone else thinks!

    • Thank you, Sadie! It’s great to have you here. I love hearing of different perspectives and I have to say I admire that you don’t have to worry about others. I have found that to be the hardest transition to my girls starting school. Loving that you are letting go of feeling badly about not feeling badly … lol That’s fantastic!

  7. Well put. The first part of my morning mantra is, ‘I am going to die. Don’t obsess over the negatives, because they will pass. The positives, too.’ It’s actually the foundation to my life philosphy. I think it should be for everyone. Thanks for posting!

    • Ara — That’s a very Zen statement. We shouldn’t get too wrapped up in either side of our emotions. Now, if I could only teach my 6 year old girls that!

  8. Great post. Great. For me it is letting go of control….have this fear that if I don’t do it all then it won’t be done “right”…and it is rubbish!! When I do let go I see that the works still goes on, and often smoother….;-) practice makes perfect and I will keep trying and one day hope to master letting go!!

  9. As a college student, this really spoke to me. I go to school full time and work part time teaching kiddos. Between the homework, tests, lesson planning it is really easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Thank you for acknowledging that it is okay to say no and to rest.

  10. What a powerful thing to read! I must say that, because of the difficult childhood I have there is a lot of things that I feel I must always be in control of. I have started therapy and am learning how to manage those but this is a good reminder for me when I forget. I think over the years I use to worry a lot more then I do now, but it is still an every day struggle. Using this exercise could certainly help manage more of the day to day struggles in our home. Thank you for this.

  11. I did it. I let go. I let go of my job. I couldn't balance and juggle all the balls I am tasked to handle….I did let them fall, one by one. And watched them shatter. However, what I realized, what I see here, is that the other balls? (the kids, the husband, even the DOG) are BRILLIANT, and BEAUTIFUL, and completely worth it. I did it. I let go.

  12. […] of any we’ve done so far.  Letting go isn’t always easy. But, first you have homework! Go to this post and read it. Then, visually think about what you will let go of this week? Or maybe forever? Do the prompts. […]

  13. Today 9th Jul 2013, I read this post. It was so meaningful. Thanks Shawn. This post dated Apr 2012 (wish I would have subscribed to your blog earlier) I was still surrounded by bitterness & depression then. There were no one to support me. Only my books & my dogs. My two teenage kids are too naive to understand what I’m going through. It was rough times. I can only save myself. I put up a brave front and face everyday, and life goes on. I’m on the verge of breaking, but I kept on reminding myself not to, must stay strong for the sake of my kids.

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