A Journey to a Peaceful Heart

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Last spring and early summer, we were really struggling as parents.

I was really struggling as a mother.

One of  my girls was going through a difficult phase and losing her anger over everything.

I’m not sure we handled it well at first and after much trial and error, I really started to question my abilities as a mother.

The phase only lasted a few months but it felt much longer than that at the time — like it might not ever end. The exhaustion of it all wore on our whole family. I wrote about what I discovered about soul fevers and about dealing with anger on other sites — including on The Golden Gleam.

Walking one day on my lunch hour, desperate for a sense of relief from everything, I walked in one of my favorite browsing stores and came across a great little bracelet engraved with these words:

Peaceful heart

I bought the bracelet immediately.

It was a metal bracelet but bendable. So, I bent it to put it on each morning and I bent it to take it off.

Be flexible, it taught me.

Be peaceful, it reminded me.

And I wore it incessantly.

It was my touchstone.

It was my foundation.

It was the essential core of my being — what I promote here, and what I was so desperately trying to be at home.

And, it helped. The message stayed with me everywhere I went … during the morning drop off, during the dramas at work, which often required a peaceful heart more than my own parenting challenges, and during all of those moments of utter exhaustion.

But, one day, the metal band cracked when I went to put it on.

I wore it anyway, unable to imagine a day when I couldn’t see those words.

Each day the crack grew deeper and deeper until finally I knew I just couldn’t wear it anymore.

Luckily, our challenging phase had already passed.

But, amazingly enough, that was also around the same time that Aysel reached out and became a sponsor of Awesomely Awake.

Aysel creates metal bands with mantras on them. After I told her my story, she mailed me a MantraBand that has “peace comes from within” engraved on the inside.


A few weeks later, for Valentine’s Day, my husband bought me a MantraBand as well. The one he chose has the words “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE” engraved on the outside, where I can see it as I write and work on Awesomely Awake or read to my girls.

I wear them both all the time. They mean so much to me.

I asked Aysel what led her to create a business like MantraBand and she told me the story of her awakening moment.

“It was one of those days while nursing my son I found myself drifting in thoughts of past and future, not being present in that moment with my precious baby. It had happened many times before, but this time it struck me and I tried a little exercise bringing myself back to the moment every time I wasn’t.

“Then I wished I had a little reminder to “live in the moment,” somewhere I could constantly see, to remind myself to be present. I imagined a bracelet with those words on it, something that was simple, small and durable, so I could wear it every day. Of course, there must be other people who want the same thing!”

That’s how MantraBand was born.”

And, I’m thrilled to say that she created a “It is what it is” band after reading my Real Mantras for Real Parents post as well.

That might be my next band.

Unless she creates a Peaceful Heart band first.

I am honored to have MantraBand as a sponsor for this site — to help us keep fresh, quality content published here. Sponsors really are the key for bloggers to sustain their efforts. Show Aysel some kindness and check out her bands and choose the one that speaks most to you and the moment you are in right now.

Or, ask your loved one to pick it up for you for Mother’s Day. You deserve it!

MantraBand just released this adorable video as well. Check it out and let me know which mantra you think you need to wear on your wrist as your very own touchstone.

Mantra Band Promo Video from NESTdesign on Vimeo.


** This is a SPONSORED post, which means MantraBand paid me to write this post and to advertise on this site. All opinions and words are my own. I am legally required to tell you that this was a sponsored post and that MantraBand sent me a sample bracelet, which I do wear every single day. I am very particular and selective about the brands I work with and who I permit to advertise on Awesomely Awake as well as the programs for which I serve as an affiliate. I am honored to work with MantraBand.**

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  1. I am really interesred to read more about tantrums. My five year old is struggling with anger at herself. It is scary and overwhelming. I am going back mnow and reading your older posts. But I plan on using many of your peaceful ideas as my reaction is always to do what my parents did with me……..none worked! Thank you for making me feel less alone.

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