5 Simple Tips for Slow Living

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt

Embracing slow living


Life is just much more calm when we’re not making it so frantic.

When you agree to live a slow life, you agree to cut out a lot of unnecessary things.

But, how? How do we slow this pace down? Let me show you how we’re doing it …

6 tips for slow living

Create Frantic-Free Weekends — Do everything you can during the week to give yourselves a true break on the weekends. Plan for nothing. Eliminate anything that just doesn’t feel right.

Go back in time — Hang your own laundry. Bake your own bread. Unplug the TVs and video games and play a board game. Make jam. Use the stove to cook popcorn. Make s’mores the real way, outside with a fire, if you can. Play hide and seek. Modern technology is great — and 90 percent of the week it saves us so much time and hassle. But for 10 percent of your week (or more), pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Hand write a letter or journal — Use a pen and sit down and use your brain. I promote a lot of journaling in my e-courses and e-books because I make sense of the world through words and writing. Writing things down just seems to naturally slow time and help us live more reflectively. And, once it’s written down it’s a memory we can keep forever, which helps us perceive a simpler life. And it keeps our minds functioning at a higher level — often necessary when communicating with kids all day.

Choose free activities —  When we cut out everything associated with spending money, the options just melt away, naturally simplifying our days and nights. Life becomes more streamlined and more spacious for things like reading and exploring. Give yourself a tiny budget to use as fun money. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I love this list of free things to do instead of spending money I found via Pinterest.

Nourish Boredom —  Creativity blooms during boring times. It’s a child’s right to declare that they are bored. Prepare them for it. Let them know that you’re simplifying and planning slow days, which just means they get to do more of what they want. But, have a few things ready to do in case the kids are so bored they just can’t possibly survive another day.

Read More — “I wish my child didn’t read so much,” said NO PARENT ever. We all want our children to keep reading daily so when all else fails, make reading the ultimate party. After reading this lovely article in the New York Times, I popped some popcorn and surprised my daughters with a brand new book club idea. They were enamored with this idea and really enjoyed setting it up and helping. You can fancy up reading when there’s nothing shiny, sparkly or pink to stare at or play with.

There are some families whose schedules would make this list a laughing matter. But, even the busiest — especially the busiest — can find ways to slow everything down and stop rushing around so much — if that’s the desired outcome.

How about you? Is the slow life calling you? How do you slow down?

11 Responses to 5 Simple Tips for Slow Living

  1. I think you read my mind. I keep seeing everyone’s summer bucket lists everywhere and the idea of a list of things to do in the summer stresses me out. My goal is to not have a list. I have been thinking of writing a blog post all about why I don’t have a summer bucket list. We have already been enjoying dinner in the backyard (on a weeknight!), morning walks, joining Daddy when he had to work in Santa Monica and hanging out at the Pier while we waited for him. Keeping it simple and fun. (Oh – and I hang my laundry as often as I can. Love it).

    • Seriously … we should create a slow bucket list trend (now I get this idea!). I have a tiny chart on the pantry with the must dos … you know, catch fireflies, make ice cream, have s’mores, etc.

  2. Oh I’d love to know your book club idea! My daughter isn’t reading yet, but we read to her every single day and she loves stories and books! So any ideas on book clubs would be marvelous! And I seriously think you should post a slow bucket list! That would be fun! Sometimes in this day and age we forget the slow and cheap/free things we can do so easily and that are so fun!

  3. I am letting my kids make a small and reasonable list to work from this summer. One of our highlights is camping in Eastern Washington and star gazing!

  4. Since deciding to homeschool we have seen free days and it seems to be working out pretty well. Our kids are young so we did the summer moves once a week and free bowling. We are also moving so ite is HARD to keep the weekend clear, but working on saying no, more often

  5. What gets me is parents that think their kids have to be in EVERYTHING! kids need time to be kids! To run, play hide and seek. Parents need time too! If you are that tired and overwhelmed with things that you need to take a pill or need energy drinks all the time to cope then you DEFINITELY need to slow down.

  6. I work nine months out of the year as a paraprofessional at the local school and during the summer is the best part. To slow down , I make this part of my routine because when fall arrives it really is busy with workshops, getting my daughter ready for on-line schooling and mind set of taking care of children with special needs. SO I am truly lucky to have the summer to slow down and enjoy my FAMILY.

  7. These are all so great and highly doable, Shawn! I love the ones you wrote for us as moms and the ones that are more family centered. I think I need to nurture my own need to slow down before I can nurture theirs. My favorite line was this one: “Life is just much more calm when we’re not making it so frantic.” Ha! So simple and so true!

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