20 Realistic Parenting Resolutions

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There are a few times a year when we become all about setting new goals.

Like the start of a new Year.

Or, during back to school season.

And, even when a new season is upon us {think spring cleaning}.

We like goals. We like resolutions. We like the idea of starting with a clean slate — this time will be better than the last.

Here at Awesomely Awake each week for the last year we’ve set an intention on how to live more mindfully, be better parents and just enjoy life more fully.

In other words, we don’t pick a singular goal and stick to that — and then fail — all year long.

Instead, we are constantly trying to better ourselves all year long in many different areas. A more holistic approach.

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But, resolutions are important to many people and while we’re busy saying we want to lose weight or save more money … perhaps we can all consider another kind of resolution this year.

To be better parents.

With this in mind, I’ve created a list of resolutions any parent can make right now.

And, if you are already a perfect parent then this list isn’t for you.


20 Realistic Parenting Resolutions

1. Wake up. Be more mindful. Intentional. Aware. Notice more. Pay attention. Listen closely. All of these things.
2. Celebrate more. The big things … and the oh so little.
3. Start each day with a smile.
4. Play more.
5. Write more love notes.
6. Be flexible.
7. Be kind.
8. Notice the beauty of your day.
9. Become a peaceful parent.
10. Trust myself more.
11. Let my children live fully.
12. Be happier at home.
13. Set effective, loving rules.
14. Watch less TV.
15. Read more.
16. Be more encouraging.
17. Notice the abundance in your life.
18. Be more silly.
19. Stay calm.
20. Slow down.
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21 Responses to 20 Realistic Parenting Resolutions

  1. I just finished reading your ebook and I love your ideas, especially about saying “yes” more. I really have a hard time being okay with my toddler’s picky eating, so my goal that I strive for each day is to not stress so much about each meal and remind myself that if he doesn’t want to try new foods, eat his veggies, etc. it is not worth the battle in the long run.

  2. My 2013 parenting resolution – To be secure in my parenting choices. I’ve spent far to many hours worrying about what I should/shouldn’t do and questioning things I have already done. Yes, I want to be fexible and all the things listed above but for me… being confident and secure in the path I’ve chosen for my family is necessary and needed to move us all to a better place as a family! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this website. It has helped me in so many ways!

  3. This is a beautiful list! Thanks, Shawn! This year my resolution for parenting is more compassion. We could always use more compassion and I’m pretty good with the silliness and fun. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013.

  4. Love this!!! Some of these I have had on my list….but adding many more new parenting habits!

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