10 Reasons to Believe You’re an Awesome Mom

10 Reasons to Believe You’re an Awesome Mom

You are awesome.

You are awesome the second you wake up before you even start to do all the things, as you start to think about your day.

You are awesome as you step into the kitchen to start the coffee, make the breakfast, pack the lunches, plan the day.

You are an awesome mom — even when you do not think you are.

You are awesome even if the meal is a total flop.

You are awesome when you try hard to say the right thing — only to realize it wasn’t. At all.

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You are awesome when you sit and take a rest — even when the to-do list piles up as high as the dishes and the laundry.

You are awesome even when your kid is not, even when things are not perfect or ideal — or even enjoyable.

You are awesome when you get down on the floor to play “that game” of ninja or student or patient in the doctor’s office.

You are awesome when you barely have enough money left over for groceries.

You are awesome … because you try.

You are awesome … because you are you.

You are awesome … because you wake up each day and shine in your own special way.

So when you fall asleep tonight — or any night — remember to say it … remember to say it to yourself.

I am awesome. 

I am awesome. 

And tomorrow, I’ll be even more awesome. 

The image quotes in this post are direct words from Abundant Mama alumni — and what they want to hear from their own mothers. Thank you to all of the Abundant Mamas who shared their hearts in this way. xo

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