10 Mindful Social Media Tips

10 Mindful Social Media Tips

Are you able to live without Facebook?

Are you able to go without checking your email every single hour?

Are you willing to walk without carrying your cell phone?

In my coaching circle, we spent the entire month of June talking about unplugging and plugging in, as I talk about in my latest book, “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.”

What we all learned is that we love our online world.

We love the connections and the friendships. We love the learning and the inspiration. We need each other as we are a tribe and we need those relationships to stay healthy and vibrant as mothers.

But we don’t love feeling like less than enough and Facebook tends to leave us feeling that way. We don’t like feeling stressed and overwhelmed by other people’s stories and other people’s to-do lists — and living room arrangements as we see on Pinterest.

So we went minimalist in our social media.

Many in the group have unplugged entirely from Facebook — not just for the month, but for good. We began using mindful social media tips to really make our time online super productive and positive. We even began using an online to do lists to keep our time focused.

Others checked out of groups that were making them feel less than, overwhelmed or like they aren’t enough as they are right now.

I’m obviously in the business to inspire people to read my social media accounts, but I have a very specific niche here and I dare myself to not do what others do and bombard your feeds with things you’ve already read elsewhere.

So, I hope you only choose to read what’s working for you right now, what’s lifting you up and inspiring you — and not adding more noise to your day.

It’s always your choice. It’s always your option to press pause.

Your online time should feel productive and leave you feeling confident and happy with your life. You should find friends who deeply care about you and your mission, whatever it is.

If it’s not, you may need to make some changes. Some really big changes.


10 Mindful Social Media Tips


Here are my personal 10 Mindful Social Media Tips to Bring Ease to Your Day:

  1. Be super selective. Before you join a group, make sure the tone of the group is both relaxed and positive and not adding more guilt or more pressure to your day. And, make sure the group isn’t going to be just one more thing to distract you from your real practice — living your life the way you want to live it.
  2. Unfollow every single negative person you don’t want to hear from and release their hold on your mind and your energy.
  3. Follow blogs and businesses that make you feel good and worthy — and to do that click in the upper right part of that page “Get Notifications” or else you will miss the good stuff and only see the junk. I’m not sure how that works but it’s true.
  4. Save your own updates for the best possible things to share, which means not everything. And that really means don’t just update about how busy you are. (I’m saving your friendships by telling you this.)
  5. Ask your children if you can post their pictures. If they can make their own decisions on what to wear, they can say yes or no to being on Facebook. And, even then they don’t really know the big picture.
  6. Turn off all notifications. This is hard to do, but overtime you will find that this is actually the biggest influencer in feeling less of a pull to social media. If you must get notifications, do so only for the people you really want to hear from.
  7. Share what makes you happy to spread the love and make others happy. Don’t share junk. Junk just adds to the noise and ruins the Internet. And, if you are truly happy, don’t be afraid to share that, too. Your happiness is a good thing.
  8. Use social media to maintain connections, not to create animosity or to push your opinions and lectures onto other people. Life is meant to be shared and traveled together. Do your part to make the online world a better place.
  9. Just Be Kind. Imagine that face, that writer, that person on the other side of your screen is actually right there in front of you. Their heart beats just like yours. Their feelings get hurt just like yours. If you wouldn’t say something to them in real life than don’t say it to them through screens that are thousands of miles apart. This is the Golden Rule of the Internet. And your “being nasty” comment might really ruin someone’s day.
  10. Forget FOM (The Fear of Missing Out) of your online world. Instead, consider FOM of your real life. Fear of Missing Out on your child’s silly dance or your partner’s great idea. Fear of Missing Out on the real things happening in your real life should be your highest priority.

This post originally included another tip, which doesn’t apply to everyone. I suggest using a Facebook group for your partner and yourself to communicate fun ideas back and forth. If you’re relationship is at all like mine, 80 percent of the day is spent at work, focusing on the children and doing the chores around the house. That leaves little time for dreaming. Using a private group to share ideas and dream can be a fun way to use social media. You could do the same with a secret Pinterest board.

Happy socializing!

What tips would you add to this list that make being online safer, healthier and happier? Or, do you prefer to just stay offline all together?


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8 Responses to 10 Mindful Social Media Tips

  1. I think unfollowing negative people, being selective about what notifications you get, and forgetting FOM were my favorites. And unless you give up social media altogether, I think all of us have to be constantly checking ourselves. It’s a hard balance to strike! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I am so grateful for your blog. I am a grandmother and it has been many years since I have had small children. today is a different world then the one I was raised in and that of my children. I am a different person than I was so many years ago, less stressed more relaxed and want to pass that to my grandchildren. Your blog helps me to stay that way. I am going to take your suggestion and delete my facebook page as it does not bring into my life what I had expected. I signed up to hopefully see the children of friends relatives e.c.t I would not otherwise see. I find it is instead filled with negativity, peoples dirty laundry that should remind private and things that can quickly destroy an otherwise good mood. thank-you again for your helpful blog. The old can benefit and learn from the perspectives of the young. You have truly been a blessing

    • Thanks, Robin. You are so sweet. I love that you are taking these tips and running with them. You will feel better. I’m sure.

  3. Love this! I just unplugged from FB earlier this week. I felt I needed to stop using it as a distraction to get in touch with myself. So I’m turning inwards and thinking of ways to cultivate deeper relationships with my children and those people I care about the most. I probably will return to FB in a week or so because it does help me stay in touch with people I love dearly but who are far away, however I’ll definitely be unfriending quite a few people and switching off notifications. I deleted the FB app from my i-pod so I’ll only now check it by having to log in from my laptop so I’ll be checking far less often.

  4. Great tips! I quite enjoy social media however I absolutely can lose time going down the rabbit hole! Then again, I’m the same with reading blogs and reading books. Just part of my nature! haha. I always need to balance my “doing” and taking action with too much reading or I tip the balance and get too drawn into what everyone else is doing and forget about my own life! That’s the quickest way for it to become a negative influence for me. I love the idea of a secret page for my husband and I and I’ve created one tonight…I can see it being quite fun and he can check in when he has a moment rather than me texting and interrupting his work. Great ideas, thank you!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you are trying the private Facebook group with your husband. I love that group because you are right often my “spontaneous” thoughts were coming at him at the wrong time.

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