A Simple Change that Will Prevent Information Overload
We all have this insatiable curiosity. Most of the women who go through the Abundant Mama Project fully admit that they are trying to keep up with everything and do everything. They are afraid to miss out. But keeping up can cause a serious case of information overload. In this latest Abundant Mama podcast, I'm giving you a good solution for information overload -- and for nurturing yourself, too. A good old dose of slow reading. Image credit: http://bit.ly/29pYqSi What's slow reading? As a family wellness coach, I know firsthand how modern mothers strugg READ MORE »
One Powerful Habit to Halt Power Struggles
Power struggles. Humans really love a good battle over who's right and who's wrong. For a long time, I've been advocating one mantra around here: Just be Kind. Maybe it's me, but in this space and time in our world, it feels like we all need a big dose of kindness -- to be given, and received. And one powerful habit that goes right along with that is practicing being kind over being right. There is no doubt that EVERYONE wants to be right right now -- politically, socially, personally. For the past five years, I've taken this approach to everything in the ne READ MORE »
The Secret to Making Time for Creativity in Motherhood
In this latest episode of Amplify Your Life, I'm talking with Shannon Kinney-Duh of A Free Spirit Life. We dish hard on creativity and how to evoke it in our lives as mothers, partners and workers. The short answer is that we're all creative. We all have it in us. The long answer is that it can feel hard to fit it all in but it's also vital for so many women.   Inside this Episode Shannon's website Shannon's Course, Inside Out Save Save Save READ MORE »

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Shawn Fink - Abundant MamaFrom Our Founder

I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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