Is Screen-Free Parenting Easier (and does it even matter?)
A friend of mine sounded pretty flustered when she said, "I've been meaning to ask you something." "How do you handle screens at your house?" I didn't go into my long list of blog posts I've written on this topic like unplugging as a family and why it's essential, and how to know if your family needs a digital detox or even how to make sure your children are, indeed living a full life beyond screens. Instead, I told her that I do strongly believe in moderation with limits. And then I told her that I wish I had gone as far as to lead a screen-free parenting life f READ MORE »
Finding Peace of Mind in Marriage While Raising Children
One of the biggest questions I get about marriage is this: How can I make peace with the fact that my partner gets to go off to work while I stay home with the children. In my last workshop, this was the No. 1 question that women voted on -- clearly this is a source of angst. And, by the way, the women saying this is a significant source of resentment also admit that their partners are also working hard and doing what they have to do. This is not about the fact that one is working and one is staying home. This is about finding peace of mind in our choices in ou READ MORE »
Seasons of Motherhood and What I’m Loving Right Now
The locusts are singing their songs outside all day. I imagine them winding up like tops as they grow louder and louder, and then fizzle away. This is the chaos of summer ending. Noticing. Paying attention. And feeling more space and clarity as children go back to school, routines become more predictable and life becomes more clear. As with all approaching new seasons, I'm feeling like it's a new year and I'm treating it as such. Setting goals. Cleaning up my Abundant Mama spaces, including my office. Decluttering. Doing proper planning of my days. The lax da READ MORE »

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