Refreshing Tips for Memory Keeping for the Modern Mother
One of my favorite ways to keep track of all the amazing memories we're making as a little family is through a simple memory jar. I've written about this and talked about it a lot in the past because this way of modern day memory keeping seems simple and easy for our family. The truth, though, is that I also take a gazillion photos of my children and have for all of their 12 years on this planet. And I then commence to do very little with those photos. I know I am not alone. Overwhelm is a real issue for many women when it comes to memory keeping. Part of o READ MORE »
How to Navigate the Lows in Motherhood and Life
I don't know any mom that feels good about falling apart. And yet she often does ... whether she likes it or not. And if she doesn't it's because she's unwilling to allow herself to fall apart. Either way, the Land of Bitter and Sour sets in ... because when we go low we stay low for a while without a plan to get ourselves out of it. The thing about falling apart is this -- it's good for us. It's necessary. Releasing what's bottled up inside is a GOOD thing. When we finally learn how to navigate the lows of motherhood we start to master the lows of our whol READ MORE »
How to Bounce Back from Life’s Big and Small Struggles
When our Mama Funks hit, we're NOT being our best selves. We're affected deeply in all areas of our lives. Our children are affected.  Creativity is impacted. And, our family life feels the strain and the struggle. And our own self-care is also affected. A mama funk essentially sends us spiraling into the Land of Bitter and Sour. More than that, though, it sends us into survival mode rather than thriving mode. Learning how to bounce back from a mama funk is absolutely the first step to becoming more resilient in our lives as mothers and partners. In this w READ MORE »

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