I’ve Kept a Daily Gratitude Practice for Seven Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned.
My first year as a mother of twin babies was challenging for me for a lot of reasons. The main issue was that I was felt very lonely and very isolated. It was so hard to leave the house with two babies. It was even harder to always feel outnumbered and never have enough hands to hold them and love them and care for them. I always felt torn and alone. For the first few years of motherhood, I lived in between joy and delight of being a new mother and a constant state of bitter and sour over several losses in my life that left me without a support system. I was angry READ MORE »
5 Things to Stop Right Now To Feel Less Anxious and Overwhelmed
Just where is your mind? Is it here in this present moment? Or is it spiraling out of control thinking about all the blissful goodness the world has to offer? Too many tabs open on a computer. Too many ideas, dreams and things to do. Too much noise but you don't want to shut it all out. You don't want to miss out. You crave information. You obsess over personal development. You desire knowledge and wisdom -- and connection. And yet ... you are anxious. Overwhelmed. And exhausted. This is such a common pattern of modern mothers -- particularly h READ MORE »
What Are You Doing About Your Stress and Anxiety?
Pre-P.S. -- If reducing your stress and finding inner peace is the gift you want to give yourself this season, you will really like my 3-week eCourse called The Abundant Mama Project: A Joy Practice for Moms. Class starts soon. Save your seat here.   "Before my eyes see the light, my heart pounds. Before my muscles awake, my blood races through them over and over again. Chest tight, eyes pinched shut, shoulders up and close, just in case my neck can't stand the weight of my heavy head. My stomach turns, telling food to fuck off. It's fight or fl READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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