10 Ways to Know You NEED to Slow Down and Ban Busy
This time of the year, we all seem to be running at full speed on the treadmill of life and it can be really hard to see the big picture of what you should be doing. And it can be really hard to make those tough decisions on what to focus on right now versus later. And those pressures pile up and we start to toss them right onto our children and our partners as well. So many moms have expressed this same concern to me this week in The Abundant Mama Project Online Program. They literally cannot imagine slowing down. So many big dreams and goals, so little time. S READ MORE »
22 Life and Parenting Lessons From The TV Show Parenthood
A few years ago, my husband and I decided to sit down on the couch one Friday night and watch the first episode of a show called "Parenthood" on Netflix. We were instantly hooked. That night marked what became our Friday Night Couch Dates. We can't always find a babysitter and we don't always have the money for a babysitter and, honestly, we don't always have a ton of energy by the end of the week to even "Go Out." Friday Night Couch Dates have been a wonderful way to stay connected each week. And the TV show Parenthood is the kind of emotional roller co READ MORE »
Learning to Trust Yourself As a Mother
I'm so pleased to see this lovely Mama's story of becoming an Abundant Mama shared here in this space today. Lilyam is such as sweet mama and I love that she has learned to trust herself as a mother and to really believe in herself, too. *** This confession is about the sparkling moments I missed of my precious daughter who was about to turn 5 a year ago. And I missed them because I was so used to rushing all the time and also because of lack of sleep and tiredness after my youngest was born. I found myself in a place I don’t wish on any mother. I couldn't say READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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