20 Happy Rules for a Peaceful Family
Yesterday my daughter bought a tiny notebook at her school's book fair. Being a big fan of journals, I asked her what she planned to write in her new journal. She thought for a few minutes while I read. And when I glanced over she writing in one of my purple markers on the cover of her journal. "Jadyn's Rules at Home To Be Loving." The apples don't fall far from the trees around here. We are a mostly loving, peaceful family. Mostly being the keyword. And so it's natural that the first Rule in her book goes like this: 1. Give a hug at least 3 times a d READ MORE »
Why Are We So Busy, Anyway?
I am the least busy person I know. It's true. My calendar has a lot of blank space. My kids aren't in any extra activities at the moment. We rarely have more than one social event a weekend. And, we really prefer it that way. Simple and slow is best for me and my creative brain that often runs a marathon of thoughts in a single hour. And, it seems to be best for our daughters who more often than not these days are opting to stay home and built a fort in the backyard. But this isn't true for many families. So many moms I talk to on a regular basis say they ju READ MORE »
A Rant Against Busyness + A Poem
This morning, I read poetry to the girls while they waited for their time on the clock to leave for school. We changed some things around in their lives to give them more time in the mornings. In fact, we switched schools and the change gave them an extra hour and a half every morning to, you know, disagree over who's turn it is to feed the guinea pigs. So, I read to them. Because slow, joyful mornings are important to us. In today's case I read poetry. "Go write down on a piece of paper your favorite word," I told them. They rush off to find a pencil and pap READ MORE »

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