5 Quiet Weekly Rituals that Build Family Connection
Like any busy family, we're often left at the end of a weekend asking just what happened to our two blissful days of nothingness. Where does that time go? Errands. Cleaning. Getting things done. (finally). Mowing the grass. Driving here and there. Doing this and that. We've learned that if we want to make the weekend slow down we really need to build in rituals that make it feel slower, even if it's not. In my book, Savoring Slow, I talk about a several ways to live your life as if you on a staycation at home. And, in the Abundant Mama Project Online Program, READ MORE »
My One Daily, Non-Negotiable Self-Care Ritual
Since 2011, I've been sharing one common theme here in this project. That your life -- even in the midst of motherhood and raising children -- is happening right now. We cannot sit around waiting for it to be better, to have more time, to have more money, for someone to step in and save us, etc. Right now is all that is certain and we always have ourselves to take care of us -- to mother ourselves. So embrace it. Find the beauty now. Love your life now. Live your life your way. Because when you don't, you end up in the Land of Bitter and Sour, which leads to READ MORE »
A Simple Way to Tackle Your Child’s Screen-Time Obsession
Please enjoy this sponsored post from OurPact, an app for parents who want to monitor their children's screen-time use.  Screens! With more and more screens being introduced, it's natural that parents around the world have very different ideas on how much is too much, or if screen use is even a good idea. This is NOT a dilemna or conversation that will be going away anytime soon. Seriously. Screens are now available on watches. And who knows where else they will be in the next decade as well. So it's time you and I figure out what a good balance looks and feels READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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