Embracing “Imperfectly Perfect” Motherhood
This post is another in our series of Real Abundant Mamas courageously sharing their personal Abundant Mama Journeys with us -- and this one is from Wales in the United Kingdom. Please welcome Abundant Mama Rhian Welham to this space today and give her a warm welcome on her story of embracing imperfectly perfect motherhood. *** Before I signed up to AMP I was in a place of bad feeling, bitterness and lack of belief in myself as a mother. I didn’t want to shout and scream at my daughter, but I was unable to find my way out of it. Our family life was one of disarr READ MORE »
How to Transform Out of Your “Not Enough” Mentality
It's time I tell you a story about coming full circle. About being worn and shiny and beautiful. About darkness. And about light. And a storm that welled up inside of me.     *** My "Why I Wake Up Early" volume of Mary Oliver poetry was ruined recently by some water mishap I still cannot wrap my head around. But, on a walk in the sunshine, I found a lovely worn washer to add to my strange, yet beautifully quirky collection of metal washers -- washers that remind me of my own worn yet wise mother self who has come full circle on this journey. Our da READ MORE »
A Sweet List of Life Planning Tools for Modern Mothers
I get asked about how I manage my time and energy all the time. Running a business from my home is the easiest part of my day most of the time. Being The Mom is often the hardest -- like recently when my very sad daughter told me she was teased by a popular girl in her class -- a girl she has tried so hard to be friends with -- for "running like a girl." Well, I run my coaching business like a girl.  (Or, rather, like a Mom.) How I manage it all is pretty simple -- and creative. Because my work here in this project is my self-care, I have set boundaries in plac READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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