5 Calm Parenting Mantras for Mamas trying to Balance it All
  We just wrapped up another round of the Abundant Mama e-course, an online class that's all about establishing more meaningful self-care routines, appreciating your life more as a mother and (ultimately) about changing your entire mindset about motherhood (and marriage) so you can nurture your family. As always, every time my team and I run another round of the class, I naturally start analyzing my own motherhood mindset. I juggle a lot of things in my family. The schedule. The meals. The driving to all the activities. The filling out of all the forms. The READ MORE »
A Love Note for Women in the Trenches of Motherhood
Dear Mama in the Trenches. I see you there. Digging deep within yourself to do what is needed. Survival mode, yes. But it's more than that ... it's pure love. Love for what is needed and desired by those little people and humans that rely on you, your energy, your joy, your confidence to help them get through the ups and downs of daily life and growing up and living. I see you holding hands, brushing hair, wiping tears. I hear you saying it will be alright, everything will be OK, hush little baby. And I know you feel overwhelmed. Scattered. Like you're r READ MORE »
10 Powerful Questions to Ignite A Spark In Your Marriage Again
Marriage while parenting. It isn't easy. Children take up so much of our time, our money and our energy. The impact on marriages is always so obvious in my work with hundreds of women around the world. Each time I work with another class of Abundant Mamas they share how they feel as if they've lost themselves -- and their marriages. Motherhood changes everything. It's true. But I haven't met an Abundant Mama yet that doesn't see the value in improving her marriage once she's out of the trenches of raising little ones. As we gear up for our SECOND class of READ MORE »

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Shawn Fink - Abundant MamaFrom Our Founder

I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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