5 Simple Daily Habits for a Peaceful Day
I've had my share of bad days. And they almost always involve one recurring theme:  I didn't do anything of the things I know I should do to have a more joyful, peaceful day. Why do we do that? Why do we neglect what we know works and follow all the bad habits? Luckily I've been doing this Abundant Mama thing for a long time and I follow all the good habits that I talk about .... most of the time. We're about to set sail for a wonderful new Abundant Mama Online Program class ... and I'm just so excited to share so much goodness about living a happy life. I'm burs READ MORE »
3 Simple Tips to Ease Mama Overwhelm
Sometimes, on really tough days, my heart will start racing. Too much to do. Too much going on in my head. Too much pressure I’ve put on myself. Too many things going wrong. And then I realize that I’m the leader of the Abundant Mama tribe, and I have ample tools to draw upon and use on a daily basis to snap out of it and feel awesome again. On those days, and in those moments, I pull out my Abundant Mama journal, toolbox and notes. I put everything into practice. I do everything right. I stack self-care onto self-care. Instantly I start to feel READ MORE »
The No-Guilt Guide to Traveling Without Kids
This weekend, I'm hosting more than a dozen Abundant Mama alumni in a weekend mountain retreat. We are going to gather together in an opening circle and bliss out on a weekend of ease and joy and togetherness. It will be bigger and bolder than even what we do in the online program -- if that's even possible. I know for a fact that most of these women have rarely -- if ever -- left their children for such a trip. And they are feeling the nerves. The nerves for traveling solo. For flying or going a long distance away. For being away. For releasing control. For pu READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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