A Rant Against Busyness + A Poem
This morning, I read poetry to the girls while they waited for their time on the clock to leave for school. We changed some things around in their lives to give them more time in the mornings. In fact, we switched schools and the change gave them an extra hour and a half every morning to, you know, disagree over who's turn it is to feed the guinea pigs. So, I read to them. Because slow, joyful mornings are important to us. In today's case I read poetry. "Go write down on a piece of paper your favorite word," I told them. They rush off to find a pencil and pap READ MORE »
Understanding the Seasons of Motherhood
The clock on the nightstand says exactly 8:22 p.m. I'm in my pajamas already. We just exchanged our nightly, "Love you to the moon and back, don't let the bed bugs bite, see you in the morning" handshake (times two). And I happily crawl into bed, faithfully write in my gratitude journal, do some mindful centering and consciously turn out the light so I can read in the dark on my e-reader. This isn't how it always is around here. Often, I'm up late doing stuff, dabbling in this or that or at the very least plotting and planning for tomorrow. But not this night or READ MORE »
Choosing Happiness Over Anger
I love happy mama stories. Here's another real-mama story straight from The Abundant Mama Project. This personal story about choosing happiness over anger by Scottie really makes me smile. Please leave her a comment telling her how great she's doing. By Scottie Gilligan Our family life was stressed when I first signed up for The Abundant Mama Project (AMP) program. I was searching for solutions to my 4-year-old daughter’s behavior issues. I was finding myself yelling more and more and becoming frustrated with not being able to control her behavior. I felt like a READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »

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