The Most Vital Self-Care Tool I Never Talk About
It is an honor to share this post with you today as part of Rachael Cook's Business That Loves You Back Blog Tour. It's been beautiful to read the other stories of women running businesses that feel really good. Like this one from Shenee. And this one from Claire. *** This Friday, I'll joyfully board a yellow school bus to go on a field trip with a bunch of third-graders. We'll roam around and I'll be exhausted by noon. We'll eat our brown bagged lunches. We'll ooh and aah over the relics of our state's history. And when it's all over, as a highly sensitive mom, I'll READ MORE »
5 Powerful Actions to Say Yes To Today That Could Change Your Life
One of the biggest search terms of this site is the word yes. YES. Yes to that. Early on I wrote about being a Yes Mama. I still try very hard to live my life with YES at the forefront. Saying yes feels good. Saying yes to doing things differently or meaningfully fills my heart with feelings of abundance. Yes is an open feeling, a feeling that all of us need in these crazy, modern times. (I am also a very big fan of no, by the way. Intentional NOs are the foundation of an Abundant Mama lifestyle.) So, in the spirit of more yeses around here ... here are 5 READ MORE »
Embracing “Imperfectly Perfect” Motherhood
This post is another in our series of Real Abundant Mamas courageously sharing their personal Abundant Mama Journeys with us -- and this one is from Wales in the United Kingdom. Please welcome Abundant Mama Rhian Welham to this space today and give her a warm welcome on her story of embracing imperfectly perfect motherhood. *** Before I signed up to AMP I was in a place of bad feeling, bitterness and lack of belief in myself as a mother. I didn’t want to shout and scream at my daughter, but I was unable to find my way out of it. Our family life was one of disarr READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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