A Meditation to Open Your Eyes and Notice the Beauty
Scattered and anxious. These are the two words that I hear the most from women who consider themselves Highly Sensitive Mamas. And yet the funny thing I've noticed is that when I just slow down and savor the chaos of my life, as I write about in Savoring Slow, I naturally feel more at ease and less stressed and anxious. In fact, learning to just pay attention is always the first step in being a more intentional mother as well. There's no denying how simply being more aware of the moment we're in is a life-changing and blissful move we can make even in the mids READ MORE »
17 Essential Tips for the Highly Sensitive Mom to Find Inner Peace
Inner peace. I long to live in a place of inner peace, calm and serenity where there's plenty of time to think, dream and rest. Where my heart is content, my mind is clear and my body is at ease. Ha. But I have kids. And so do most of you. So my dream of a peaceful, calm life is pretty much a fantasy ... at least that's what I used to think in the early days of motherhood. Once I realized that I value -- and need -- a peaceful, calm life because I am a highly sensitive mom I learned to how to create a calm environment around me. In other words, when I realiz READ MORE »
The Life-Changing Moment of Discovering You are a Highly Sensitive Mom
It's the noise. It's almost always the noise. That's the big light bulb moment in a woman's highly sensitive journey. The noise is almost ALWAYS the big sign. I get so many emails and notes from women letting me know that they didn't know they were highly sensitive until they read my series on being Highly Sensitive Moms. Here's that series: Are you a Highly Sensitive Mom? Self-Care for Highly Sensitive Moms Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms How Being a Highly Sensitive Mom Affects Your Parenting 5 Quiet Ways to Feel Less Isolated as READ MORE »

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I created The Abundant Mama Project to inspire overwhelmed, busy mothers to slow down and let go of the worries and concerns that are holding them back from experiencing joyful motherhood. Read More »
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